Do you know how to prevent it in the season of diarrhea in Autumn?

When the summer and autumn conversion, many babies are prone to diarrhea in this season, so what should the mothers pay attention to in this situation, how to help the baby prevent it?

diarrhoea season

diarrhoea season

Baby’s prevention of Autumn diarrhea
1. Vaccination: The medical community believes that taking vaccines is currently the most effective preventive measure. Of course, it is not that parents can take care of this vaccine. Parents can have different levels of resistance. When the resistance is low, a vaccine may also cause a viral infection. Therefore, the usual preventive measures are still very important.
2, keep clean: for the baby (especially the baby 6 months ago) to make complementary food utensils (cabbage, cutlery, filter gauze or slippery net, juicer, various containers, etc.) to dry, use Wash and disinfect before. In addition, the mother should wash her hands after changing the diaper, before feeding, before breastfeeding, and before feeding the baby. And the method of hand washing is very important, wash your hands with soap and running water.

3, to maintain air circulation: not because the weather turns cold, afraid of the baby to cool and close the doors and windows, to maintain good indoor air circulation, let the baby breathe fresh air, can reduce the chance of viral infection.
4, pay attention to food placement: the food placed in the refrigerator must be boiled and eaten, replace it with a clean container. The remaining milk placed at room temperature should not exceed 4 hours; when the container is used again, it must be boiled before use. A dedicated sterilizer or microwave oven is recommended.

5, food supplements have skills: start adding food supplements, starting from a small dose, gradually increase; one to add complementary food, wait until after adaptation, add another complementary food. After adding a new complementary food, as soon as diarrhea occurs, stop immediately. After the diarrhea disappears, try to re-add it, but the dose added is reduced by half compared with the last time.
Tip: Do not stop other complementary foods that have been added at the same time. When your baby doesn’t eat, don’t force it; don’t limit the things that you like very much. Mothers have to be aware of the fact that they have enough to eat, so don’t feed them. Food should also change the pattern frequently. If you eat the same food for several days, it will easily cause your baby to diarrhea.

6, mothers do not chew rice for the baby to eat: some parents may consider the food is too hard, afraid that the baby will chew on the baby will chew the meal, which may lead to baby diarrhea. Some mothers are afraid of eating hot children, like to lick a tongue and try the temperature. This is a bad habit. Other mothers like to lick the pacifier and taste the temperature of the milk, which is even worse. The bacteria in the adult’s mouth may be the pathogen for the baby.
7, do not touch the diarrhea baby: less to bring the baby to the medical field where the sick child is concentrated, less to the public places, must not be exposed to the baby with diarrhea.