Foam Pump System

“The sensor foam soap dispenser is an innovative concept, which is ideal to control consumption of soap. One has to use very little in order to wash hands and keep them fresh all the time. The dispenser comes with a foaming function, which dispenses foam soap solution in the form of cream lather,” remarks Linoj Mathew, General Manager of Brightwell Products.

The foam pump instantly turns liquid into foam by mixing liquid and air via two pump chambers, to create a long lasting, quality foam structure. The foam looks richer and feels milder, and is housed in a fully disposable bottle and pump together as one unit, thereby eliminating the risk of contamination. The pump is also part of the refill. The chemical is never in contact with air or germs, and formulation integrity is guaranteed.

The automatic foam wash process provides greater convenience to the user and lower usage costs to the supplier. Foam soap is also quick and pleasant to use and is often preferred by users. It claims to reduces usage of soap by as much as 50 per cent for each hand wash.

Foam soap dispensers are indeed supplied on the basis of the location’s requirement. The need for a reliable, good quality dispenser differs from one client to the other. A high profile client like a five-star hotel, luxury resort, health club and spa may opt for touch-free sensor dispensers that also look luxurious and aesthetic. Some want their washroom dispensers to match their modern design and are also more concerned about style, technology, being up-to-date with the latest trends and with cost-in-use. On the other hand, schools, hospitals, busy shopping malls, etc., would opt for practical, heavy-duty type soap dispensers that would be suitable for large-use applications that are also cost effective.

Food establishments and kitchens that need to be careful not to contaminate the food they serve, choose touch-free automatic dispensers of foaming anti-bacterial soap. More importantly, healthcare organisations opt for more high quality certified anti-bacterial foaming soap that uses the best and the latest of technologies.

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