Food Processing & Grocery

Food Processing & Grocery: Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance

If just one employee does not follow proper hand hygiene, cross contamination can occur at your facility. This can lead to contaminated product, litigation, brand damage, and plant shut down. Hand hygiene plays a critical role in keeping your product safe, yet confusing product choices, language barriers and competing priorities can make compliance a challenge.

From the moment they walk in your door, your customers are looking for visible signs that your store has the highest possible standards of cleanliness, quality and safety. Cleanliness is the number one driver for customers when choosing a place to shop.

Doctorclean® has built a comprehensive solution for grocery retailers & food processing sites based on users’s research and collaboration.. The resulting programme helps you build measurable increases in customer loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to hand hygiene. A quality hygiene requirement will value customers’ and employees’ health, Doctorclean® has the solution to ensure that their enviroment is clean and stays clean.