How To Clean Floors Properly

A reader writes: “We received a complaint about floors last night with photos. We have been having problems with this crew. Any suggestions are welcome.”

First impression is that your floor crew needs closer monitoring, as well as training, since the lead worker should not have left this floor in this condition. Just because it is wet does not mean that it has been cleaned correctly. Assuming this area was serviced last visit, note following points:

1.They do not seem to be using a clean microfiber mop that has been wrung out thereby leaving spots, streaks, etc.

2.If they are using the green string mop I saw in the janitor closet then they need to convert ASAP.

3.They may need to leave a clean string mop for day staff to access for spills, etc.

4.The discolored grout may be the result of past “waxing” with mold and mildew setting in which has to be dealt with in a multi-step process
a.First use a stripping solution to remove as much of the old wax/finish as possible, then….
b.Use a buffered acid to deal with the grout staining which appears to include some mold/mildew, also…
c.Scrub floor (especially grout lines) with a bleach type product to attack the mold/mildew….
d.Allow for it to “work” for a few minutes and then…
Thoroughly rinse with plain water.
e.Make sure that they DO NOT mix the products used in a, b and c since it can be dangerous.
g.Each should be used, rinsed with water and removed before applying the other product.

5.Once the floor has been properly cleaned (although some of the grout may still be discolored, I suggest a neutral pH floor cleaner and a microfiber mop system with mops serviced often if not every day.