How To Overcome some Cleaning Troubles

Lurking under the surface of Florida’s pristine beaches and tourist attractions is a reality that residents know all too well – Florida properties are a magnet for bacteria, bugs and blight.

Due to its warm, tropical weather and location below sea-level land, Florida offers a host of challenges to keeping commercial properties clean. The three most common commercial cleaning concerns are mold, palmetto bugs and natural disasters.

Commercial cleaning company Office Pride is here to ease these common cleaning woes with a few simple tips:

• Clean out the food in the refrigerator. A refrigerator should be cleared of old food once a week in order to eliminate mold near food.

• Control the moisture in the air. Moisture in the air can be controlled by a dehumidifier, or by keeping your space vacuumed and as dry as possible. This means wiping up any condensation from the windows and checking around the air conditioning units for standing water.

• Keep your doors and windows shut during wet weather. By doing this, you will keep the palmetto bugs outside.

• Thoroughly clean all hard surfaces. The best way to wash hard surfaces is with hot water and laundry or dish detergent.

• Clean the drains. If your drains are clean, palmetto bugs won’t bother coming up through them because there won’t be anything there for them to eat.

• Take note of strange, unusual smells. Indoor mold has a distinct smell and palmetto bugs have a musty smell.

• Discard items that cannot be washed and disinfected. Mattresses, carpeting, rugs, furniture, books, wall coverings and paper products are hard to clean since they take a long time to dry and usually bring mold.

• Be aware. Keep an eye on dark, moist places and a nose to the air before these issues become infestations. Also be aware of chew marks on curtains, book pages and book bindings – palmetto bugs love to eat glue and starch.

“In a commercial space, attacking these issues alone can be overwhelming, but making a few simple preventative cleaning changes can make a huge impact,” said Todd Hopkins, CEO and founder of Office Pride. “In response to this growing need, Office Pride has refocused it’s growth back to it’s home state of Florida. We want to make a strong impact in the local communities that we call home.”