Touchless Soap Dispenser DT 400

Product Details:

Automatic soap/hand sanitizer dispenser
ON/OFF switch : infrared sensor
Dispensing volume : 0.8-1.2ml
IR sensing distance : 5~15cm
Capacity : 500ml
Material : ABS plastic
One-off pouch or refillable bottle cartridge is available


  • ? MAKE HAND-SANITIZING A HABIT – Keep your hands healthy & safe with this touchless sanitizer dispenser. You never know what you’ve touched while you were outside, so disinfecting is a must!
  • ? FULLY AUTOMATED – Our automatic sanitizer dispenser is totally hands-free. Just hover your hand beneath the touchless sensor so you don’t touch the dispenser itself with unsanitized hands, reduce the rish of containmination.
  • ? NO SLIPPERY FLOORS – Don’t worry about slick blobs of sanitizer falling to the floor or any surface. Our wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser is drip proof, and we have a drip catcher dish if needed. Fewer cleanups for you!
  • ? HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION – Our hand sanitizer wall mount dispenser is easy to install. Just install with the included accessories or with tape directly, very covenient, no need to drill holes into your walls.
  • ? EASY TO REFILL – The tank is with big filling mouth, easy to replenish with your own sanitizing gel or solution refills.
  • ? PROMOTES SAFETY & HYGIENE – Keep your hands clean and sanitized at all times. Just place your hand under the sanitizer/soap dispenser and a fixed amount hygiene liquid will drip on your palms.
  • ? PORTABLE FOR ANY SETTING – It could be portable by install on a table stand or floor stand, make hygiene everywhere in an office, home, lobby, school, church, gym, mall, building, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • ? EXTREMELY COMPATIBLE – From market test feedback and study, this hand sanitizer dispenser is compatible with any gel or liquid sanitizer brand.
  • ? SMART WORKING -Red light flash reminds us to replace the batteries

    The transparent reservoir visually indicates when replenishment is necessary while quick-removing top allows for efficient refilling.

  • ? SAFE DESIGN- Lockable. There’s a protective device, it’s not only protect the liquid, but also guarantee our hands’s safety and health.

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