Surgical Handwashing

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Surgical handwashing requires a series of well-defined steps to prevent any type of cross-contamination from occurring in hospitals. Surgical handwashing aims to eliminate as many pathogens as possible from the hands and arms before entering the operating room to avoid cross contamination. Surgical handwashing, unlike conventional handwashing, is performed with soapy compositions containing povidone iodine…

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how to do hand hygiene

WITH ALCOHOLIC BASED ANTISEPTIC: Apply the product in the palm of the hand. Scrub vigorously both hands Cover the entire surface of the hands and fingers. Continue scrubbing until drying (15 to 25 sec) WITH WATER AND SOAP OR ANTISEPTIC SOLUTION: Wet hands first Apply 3 to 5 cc of soapy solution (1 dispenser application)…

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Instructions for hand washing & disinfection

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According to CDC guides. Recommendations published on October 25, 2002; categorized based on existing scientific data, applicability and economic importance. When they are visibly dirty or contaminated with body fluids, it should be done with water and antiseptic solution (de-contamination). Before and after contact with a patient. Before and after the use of gloves when…

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Hand hygiene solution in schools

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It has been shown that with good hand hygiene we prevent the spread of gastrointestinal, respiratory and food poisoning in general. For this reason it is so important to create healthy work spaces and promote good hygiene habits for young people from an early age. In schools and kindergartens, students often work with their hands;…

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