How to apply sanitary disinfectants?


In the same way that it is important to choose a sanitary disinfectant correctly, it is also important to study how we apply it to obtain the desired effect. In previous articles we explained that the performance of sanitary disinfectants varies depending on their composition. We also distinguished the function of each of them according…

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What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

disinfectant, clean and disinfect, Prevent contamination ,disease, germs, surfaces

We mistakenly think that when we also clean disinfect. But, on the other hand, both processes involve very different results. We also consider that a place or object is clean, when we do not find visible dirt. But this hygiene is superficial since at first glance we can not detect the germs and bacteria that…

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Hand hygiene solution in schools

hand washing steps

It has been shown that with good hand hygiene we prevent the spread of gastrointestinal, respiratory and food poisoning in general. For this reason it is so important to create healthy work spaces and promote good hygiene habits for young people from an early age. In schools and kindergartens, students often work with their hands;…

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