Teaching young people about hygiene

Through hygiene education, we can raise awareness, enhance knowledge, and modify behavioural intentions about infection prevention and antibiotic use in our future generation. In a blog to mark International Children’s Day, the e-bug team say “Educating children and young people about hygiene and infection prevention is important in the fight against foodborne illnesses.

e-Bug, led by Public Health England (PHE), is an international health education resource that teaches children and young people about hygiene, the spread of infections, and antibiotics. The e-Bug resources include teacher packs containing interactive lessons, activities and worksheets. The teacher packs are complemented by student websites with online games, quizzes and revision guides to facilitate students learning at home. All e-Bug resources are free to download, are currently available in 24 different languages and are being disseminated across the world in over 30 countries.

The e-Bug team is leading a team as part of the 5 year project the SafeConsume work package on developing educational resources for food safety for 11-18 year olds. Research with young people and educators across Europe found lack of understanding around food safety and on the consequences of foodborne illnesses. The objective of SafeConsume is to reduce health burden from foodborne illnesses.

The blog contains an e-Bug call to action: what can you do this International Children 39’s Day?