Why hand sanitizer dispenser is so hot during the epidemic?

Hand sanitizer dispenser  is a new type of disinfection equipment. Although it is used in hospitals and other professional fields, many people still don’t know how to use it.

If you still have such doubts, then you can start from the following In the information, it is the most scientific to learn how to use a hand sterilizer. Before we learn how to use it, we must understand how this type of hand sanitizer works. Because it uses liquid spraying when it works, you only need to stretch out your hands and arms and place them in its sensing area when you use it, and the device will automatically recognize and sense for cleaning. This process will last for a short period of time. When the cleaning work is over, just leave the sensing area.

Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

From this process, we can intuitively understand that the operation is actually very simple. Because of the recognition technology it uses, there is no need for human operations at all. Staying under the induction zone for a few seconds will allow your hands to be cleaned and disinfected. Of course, in addition to this process, we still need some factors.

In order to replenish the disinfection liquid or sanitiser in time, the machine generally has an observation window, so that the user or maintenance person can view the liquid level in time, and can observe it at any time. If the battery power of the equipment is almost running out, then the equipment in the hand sterilizer There will also be corresponding prompts on the indicator light, and our disinfection liquid dispenser will have a red light flashing. The entire design is very humane and scientific. Whether as a user or equipment maintainer, you can master the use and maintenance methods of the equipment in a short time. Such a device has begun to be used in many occasions, especially during the COVIDE-19 epidemic. In order to keep the hands clean and hygienic and reduce the risk of hand infection, the demand and application of this contact-free liquid dispenser More common and widespread.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s many new suppliers of hand hyigiene dispenser arised, the product is uneven. Different from new companys, we’ve specialized in hand sanitizer dispenser over 20 years, under the management system ISO9001:2015, also one of the ISSA memeber since year 2008.

The touchless dispenser model DT800 is our strength product, it’s frequently installed at high hygiene demanded public places, like hospitals, clinics & comercial centres. Supply to many medical company for infection control market, such as 3M. Below installation site is for your reference:


automatic sanitizer dispenser installation siteTypical project: 2010 Vancouver Olympic games.

Automatic sanitizer dispenser installed at vancouver

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