10 Reasons for us to participate in the WHO “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands” campaign

  1. Keeping your hands clean at the right time saves your life.
  2. Maintaining hand hygiene in health care over the past few years has saved millions of lives.
  3. Hand hygiene is a quality indicator of a safe health care system.
  4. Health care issues such as health-care-related infections are often intangible but still occurring, and these issues are political and social challenges that we must now address.
  5. Good hand hygiene can prevent infection, and less than $10 can protect patients and health workers from harm.
  6. There are already affordable life-saving technologies available! Alcohol hand lotion is about $3 a bottle, which can prevent health care-related infections and prevent millions of deaths every year.
  7. The theme tag #handhygiene is now available in the media, indicating that hand hygiene is an important issue due to health care-related infections or due to fatal diseases such as Ebola.
  8. Incorporating specific moments of implementing hand hygiene measures into the workflow of health care workers can facilitate the right actions every day and every day.
  9. Prevention of infection is the key to strengthening the health care system.
  10. Hand hygiene is essential for all interventions, whether insertion of invasive devices, management of surgical wounds, or injections.