You are more than a customer, but also a business partner. Therefore, it’s essential to provide you with more than just products. Our high quality services are here to help you enhance your distribution of Doctorclean® dispenser solution.


Having your logo and contact details printed on our dispenser is an easy and effective way to Promote brands. It will enhance your business reputation and reach out to potential users every frequently.

Doctorclean® offer our customers the option to distribute all our dispenser system under their own company’s name & logo, including our manual soap and sanitizer dispenser, automatic sanitizer dispenser, elbow disinfectant dispenser, hand lotion & sanitizer solution, smart hand sanitizer solution and hand sanitizer dispenser accessories. Moreover, if you want customize the package, this service is also available.

Free test on liquid compatibility:

Different liquid with different chemical ingredients, to ensure your soap, hand sanitizer or disinfectant is compatible with our hand dispenser solution, Doctorclean® glad to do the compatability test for customer’s liquid with our hand hygiene dispensers.

At present, Doctorclean® dispenser system is tested to be workable with 62~70% alcohol gel, regular hand soap & antibiotic disinfectant.For material, Recyclable, durable, chemical stability is our principle.

To request your free chemical compatibility test, please send sample liquid together with chemical and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to our plant as follows:

Ningbo Changqi Bathroom Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.

No.:727, Jinshan Road, Jiangbei Investment Pioneering Industrial Park, Jiangbei District, 315033 Ningbo CHINA

Fax: (86) 574 56202600
Tel:  (86) 574 56202601


If you didn’t find the right product on our website & want to use your own design, welcome to contact us:

Doctorclean® provide dispenser OEM service & have many successful projects during the past 10 years, including hand sanitizer dispenser, regular soap dispenser & elbow disinfectant dispenser. We even consider part-funding production of a brand new dispensers when large volumes is required.