Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

COVID-19 is a global issue now, according to the prediction of experts, the prevention and control work of the COVID-19 will last for several years.

Many people take public hygiene seriously, and hand hygiene is the most important step in breaking the chain of cross contamination and preventing the transmission infection.

The infrared sensor dispenser eject liquid automatically, which is suitable for the use of various disinfectants /hand sanitizer.

ABS Hospital Sanitizer Dispenser

When it comes to hand care, even small moments make a big impact, whatever your industry & wherever you’re. Our intelligent touchless hygiene dispenser never stops working.

An often underestimated component to an ideal dispenser system is touchless operation. The sensor technology has two decisive advantages. It not only effectively prevents cross-contamination, but also demonstrably improves hand hygiene. Studies show that automatic hygiene dispensers can increase hand disinfection by up to 50 percent per patient each day.

hospital hand sanitizer dispenser wall mounted

hospital installed hand sanitizer dispenser wall mounted

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