2019 Hygiene week – a sustainable strategy

The Council for Better Hygiene in Denmark organizes a hygiene campaign every year – the Hygiene Week. Since its inception in 2008, the hygiene week has developed into one of our largest health promotion campaigns in the Nordic countries. A week where we focus on the importance of better hygiene in the home, at work, in schools and preschools, in hospitals, in the elderly, in the dining room and in many other places in everyday life.

The purpose of the hygiene week is to focus on the importance of better hygiene in the home, at work, preschools and in many other places in everyday life. Good hygiene – good hand hygiene, cleaning and cleaning are a good way to keep children and adults healthy and to reduce the risk of infection.

The campaign has a serious undertone – but with the help of the campaign the message is highlighted with joy and desire. Hygiene is about being able to help oneself and others to a safe, secure and healthy life.

Where are we going?

In 2019, we will focus on the importance of a consistently good plan, structure and strategy. In other words, hygiene should have a natural place in the strategic work within the municipality, in the workplace, in preschool, school, but also in the home.

This year’s theme is Hygiene – a sustainable strategy – with this theme we want to highlight that clear frameworks, guidelines and strategies for hygiene are important. Good hygiene does not happen only on one occasion. Conformity requires knowledge, learning, training, consistent management, measurable goals, among other things. In workplaces such as health care institutions, elderly homes, preschools, schools and others. one will go much further in this work by creating a structure and thought behind the hygiene work, compared to a position that assumes that it will probably solve.