51st Earth Day 2021: climate action

April 22, Thursday is the #EarthDay2021, Ningbo Changqi (Doctorclean®) reminding all of the earth person pay attention on the climate action and do what we can on contribution to a healthier planet,take care of our home.

This year, as we celebrate the 51st Earth Day, the world is uniting over three days, April 20-22, to focus on actions we all can take to further prevent climate change and environmental destruction. Science tells us that we need to reduce the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% by 2030 to avert the most significant effects of climate change.

A life-cycle assessment on our touch-free dispensing platforms identified battery waste as the system’s largest environmental impact. So we’re focus on study how to reduce the automatic sanitizer dispenser’s power consumption, after so many years effort, our touchless dispenser system’s power cosumption level reduced a lot, only one third of the peers. From clients’s feedback, 1 set battery could last over 100,000 times, about 2 years.

automatic dispenser

At the meantime, we’re always insist on using enviromental materials for products. At present, all of the package materials of touchless stainless steel dispenser is carton only, without poly bag, and plan to upgrade the other model with carton package gradually.

Our commitment to sustainability and climate action is also shown through the third-party certifications of our products, which offer a trusted outside voice to help customers quickly identify a product with higher levels of environmental and/or social performance and products with ingredient safety.

Increasingly making our products with renewable, carbon-free energy will help us draw down our carbon emissions in support of a stable climate.