Are you exercising yesterday?

Yestoday is August 8, the closing day of the Tokyo Olympics, and the 13th National Fitness Day in China. The theme is “Fitness for the whole people, walking with the Olympics”. This year, Ningbo passed the “Ningbo National Fitness Regulations” in the form of legislation. According to statistics, Ningbo’s sports population accounts for 41.2%. The city holds more than 2,000 fitness activities every year, which is higher than the national average. The outstanding performance of Ningbo athletes in the Tokyo Olympics reflects the overall development of a city’s sports industry, especially the nationwide fitness industry.

The birth of National Fitness Day is closely related to the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Since our country returned to the Olympic family, our competitive sports has developed rapidly. Our athletes are not afraid of strong players, winning gold and silver time and time again to win glory for the country.

Competitive sports and mass sports are equally important for the development of sports. On the one hand, my country’s continuous success in the Olympics has allowed ordinary people to feel the beauty and benefits of sports; on the other hand, my country’s economic and social development has also allowed people to have a stronger awareness and more ability to participate in sports.

Our country attaches great importance to mass sports. Before the National Fitness Day this year, the State Council issued the National Fitness Plan (2021-2025). The document proposes to extensively carry out national fitness events, improve the level of scientific fitness guidance services, stimulate the vitality of sports social organizations, promote the development of fitness work for key groups, promote the high-quality development of the sports industry, promote the integrated development of national fitness, and create a social atmosphere for national fitness.

National Fitness, not only on August 8, every day can be a National Fitness Day for you and me. Let us continue to exercise and find a healthy and happy life in exercise.