Areas To Focus On When Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time when flowers bloom and leaves grow on trees. It symbolizes a fresh start and often inspires a ritual of cleaning. In fact, American Cleaning Institute (ACI) reports that 76 percent of households will take part in spring cleaning this year.

According to ACI’s 2018 National Cleaning Survey, Millennials embrace cleaning more than Boomers, but Gen-Xers fall somewhere in the middle. When it comes to cleaning their homes, 38 percent of Millennials regularly deep clean, compared to 28 percent of Gen-Xers and 13 percent of Boomers.

Brian Sansoni, vice president of communications at ACI, commented that despite the younger generation’s push for frequent cleaning, respondents of all ages agree on what needs to be cleaned. According to the research, Americans of every age most frequently target restrooms, dining areas and living spaces. Their collective primary reasons for cleaning are, among others, to remove asthma or allergy triggers and prevent the spread of illness.

It is important for facility managers and building service contractors responsible for maintaining facilities to make note of these results. Restrooms, dining areas and living spaces are big impression points in facilities, too. Spring is a great time to get a fresh start and make proactive moves to protect the facility.

Here are some steps cleaning professionals should consider:

1. Conduct a walk-through at the facility, identifying small problems that need to be addressed before they get bigger. Look closely at doors, sticking locks, tile and grout, cabinets and hinges, as well as fire extinguishers, to name a few.

2. Inspect floors and carpets closely as winter can be harsh on these surfaces. Deep cleanings, stripping and waxing might be necessary.

3. Freshen up restrooms by adding deep cleaning duties to existing daily schedules. Look for areas that require new caulk, fixture replacements or repairs. Restrooms typically receive the most traffic of the facility, are one of the most difficult spaces to keep clean and come under the most scrutiny from building occupants. It’s important to keep these spaces clean and organized.

4. Think how green and sustainability can take the cleaning program to the next level. Take a close look at chemicals, consumables and machines that can be easily converted to be better for the building, it’s occupants and the overall environment.

5. Freshen up first impression points within the facility. Take a minute to stand at the facility entrance and look around. Are windows clean? Are floor mats straight? Is furniture organized and welcoming? Are surfaces and signage clear?