Will A Bread Store Pay More Attention to Hygiene?

Waking up before Christmas, a health department team on Tuesday raided two well-known bakeries in central. The officials later decided to serve notices on the owners of these bakeries, asking them to keep the factory premises clean and train the staffers engaged in preparing items, including Christmas cakes.

Apart from these, notices will also be sent to 16 other bakeries, mostly in and around Street, asking the owners to upgrade their bakeries’ cleanliness factor on the premises.

Deputy mayor Atin, who also holds the health department portfolio, led the anti-adulteration drive. He later said that he was surprised at the lack of cleanliness at two of the better-known bakeries around New Market.

“It was shocking to see the poor state of cleanliness at the bakeries and the manner in which the workers were engaged in production of cakes cookies and other products. We have verbally asked them to maintain cleanliness. We shall send
notices to the owners as per provisions of the Food Adulteration Act tomorrow (Wednesday),” He said.

However, a section of Left Front counciller questioned the timing of such a drive. A senior counciller asked why the food inspectors failed to conduct regular drives at these bakeries to keep a tab on the quality of the products. “Given the importance of bakery products, which include breads, biscuits and cakes, they should undertake such drives regular. Sporadic drives before festivals will lead to a confusion among the citizens.”