Best Wishes to Mother’s day

May 8th this year is Mother’s Day. Many people will send a blessing to their mothers on this day. But a mother gives so much to a family, especially her children, that many people think that only one Mother’s Day a year is not enough, every day is Mother’s Day is appropriate, the following are the commonly used greetings on Mother’s Day , hope it works for you

Mother's day

Mother’s day

1. You often say that the happiness of your children is the best gift. Today, I will send you all the happiness and happiness in a text message. I wish you good health and smiles! Thank you for giving me life, you taught me the truth of being a human being, no matter what happens in the future, I will always love you! In this holiday that belongs to you, I wish you a happy holiday and always happy!

2. Spring restores the blankness in my heart; the rainy season drips with the sadness I am waiting for; the cool wind pierces the bones and muscles I miss; only you, give me all this and take care of me, mother; I wish you a happy Mother’s Day !
3. Mom, you have worked hard. The world is ink, I can’t write all my infinite admiration for you, and I can’t express my infinite love for you in a thousand words. On Mother’s Day, I sincerely wish you a happy holiday, good health and long life!
4. The wind and frost of the years have dyed your hair white, but what you cannot dye is your love for your children; the passage of time exhausts your youth, but your hard work cannot be exhausted; mother, there is nothing like yours Love is greater! Mother’s Day is here, wish you always happy!
5. Without a mother, there is no family; without a family, there is no society; without a society, there is no world; a family in the world, the mother is the greatest! Mom, today is Mother’s Day, please accept your son’s worship! I wish you blessings like the East China Sea, and longevity to Nanshan!
6. A bouquet of carnations represents a mother’s love, a thoughtful greeting represents the filial piety of children, often say miss to mother, let her know the happiness of being needed, give her a hug, let her feel happiness, and wish mothers a happy holiday .
7. Don’t be tired, don’t be tired, white hair in your hair, climb up your temples; don’t worry about, don’t worry, relax and enjoy life. Today is Mother’s Day, I only have one small request, take a good rest and pay attention to your body.
8. In the past years, because of the company of my mother, we have warm stories to recall; in the days to come, because of our blessings, my mother will bloom with a happy smile. Don’t forget to wish mom a happy mother’s day on Mother’s Day.
9. Saying I love you in love is to get the other half; in friendship, I love you, please don’t talk casually; in family, I love you, which is often overlooked but very important. On Mother’s Day, remember to say “I love you” to your mom!
10. Maternal love is a thread before leaving, sewn on me, but warm in my mother’s heart; maternal love is a meal at home, eaten in my mouth, sweet but in my mother’s heart; maternal love is a part of childhood. Take an umbrella, my mother wets her clothes, I have been walking in the umbrella of the wind and rain; mother’s love is a dream growing up, no matter how far I go, I live in my mother’s care. Mother’s Day is coming, I wish you a happy holiday and good health!
11. You are a big tree, I often snuggle in your arms, you shelter me; you are an umbrella, I often support a blue sky for me under your care! My dear mom, happy mother’s day!
12. No matter how much you say, there will be more than your mother’s earnest exhortation; no matter how far you go, you will not be able to get out of your mother’s caring eyes. When I am tired, you give me a harbor; when I am cold, you give me splendid warmth. Mother’s Day is coming, wish your mother a healthy and happy!
13. What will not pass with time is your love; what will not be indifferent with the years is my wish: May Mother’s Day be happy!
14. I really envy you, my mother is still alive and healthy. Like me, I can only spend Mother’s Day in tears. Dear friends, you must cherish it. Hug and kiss your mother on Mother’s Day. You will do it for this. Inspired by life.
15. Reciting mother’s kindness is deeper than the sea; love in this life, no repayment; Mother’s Day, expressing my heart; wishing mother, forever young; good spirit, good complexion; good health, no disease; good mood, no worries; enjoy happiness , smile!
16. I fold the most beautiful carnations with the paper of my heart. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I will dedicate it to your mother and wish her happiness and safety! Thank you even more for raising you and making you a friend in my life!
17. Great action of filial piety and blessings to the big alliance. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, our alliance specially uses the SMS platform to pray to all mothers in the world, wishing them always young, always healthy and always happy. Tell your friends and act fast.
18. Standing on the top of the mountain of mother’s love, the fetters are farther away from us; roaming the ocean of mother’s love, all the pain will disappear; only a small text message can also carry the wishes of children’s gratitude! Happy Mother’s Day!
19. After walking through thousands of mountains and rivers, seeing the chaos of the world, going through ups and downs, tasting the ups and downs, only the mother’s care has not been shaken. Today’s Mother’s Day, remember to go home and take a look and give your mother a sincere hug!
20. You sow the sun for me, and you block the wind and rain for me. On the way of growing up, everyone cares about whether I can fly high or not, only you care about whether I am tired or not. On Mother’s Day, Mother En San Chunhui, accompany me all my life. Happy Mother’s Day!