Can we travel during summer vacation?

It is the summer vacation. If citizens want to travel, they should first avoid middle-high-risk areas. In addition, they need to continue to maintain good personal habits, such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and keeping distance in crowded crowds, but if it is a high-risk group-patients with chronic diseases , Elderly people, etc., and have not been vaccinated, then travel is not recommended. ”

According to the current epidemiological investigation, the patient has no history of traveling or living in the past two weeks. So far, no connection between the case and the epidemic in other parts of the country has been found. The disease control department is stepping up to carry out gene sequencing. At the same time, according to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, all medical institutions in the city have implemented the following measures to prevent and control the current epidemic:

1. Implement “dual code” verification. Strictly manage the entrance and exit of hospitals, add “travel code” checks on the basis of measuring body temperature, wearing masks, asking epidemiological history, and checking health codes, to ensure that key populations are found in the first time, and nucleic acid testing is carried out as soon as possible.

2. Strictly regulate the operation and management of the hospital. Implement the appointment diagnosis and treatment system to reduce the waiting time in the hospital; strengthen the order management of the outpatient and emergency area and the nucleic acid sampling area to avoid crowds of people. Strictly implement nucleic acid testing for newly admitted patients and their companions. In principle, no companions or visits are not necessary.

3. Guard the bottom line of hospitalization prevention and control. Strengthen the personal protection of staff, strictly carry out health monitoring and regular nucleic acid testing, refine the control measures for key areas, posts and links, strengthen hand hygiene, do a good job in environmental ventilation and surface disinfection, and strictly manage medical waste.

4. Increase the frequency of nucleic acid testing. Fever clinics, isolation and observation wards, pre-hospital emergency agencies engaged in the transfer of confirmed cases, suspected cases and other key positions, as well as other positions in medical institutions, increase the frequency of corresponding nucleic acid tests to detect hidden risks as soon as possible.

5. Strengthen training and emergency plan drills. Focusing on case discovery, reporting, isolation, diagnosis and treatment, nucleic acid testing, hospital infection prevention and control and other links, strengthen training, organize and carry out emergency epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment simulation exercises to improve emergency response capabilities of medical staff.

6. Strengthen the investigation and supervision of hidden dangers. Medical institutions pay attention to strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers. We have also strengthened on-site guidance, supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control in medical institutions through mutual investigations and unannounced visits, checking loopholes, and remedying weaknesses.