Cleaning and disinfection guide in schools

Following hygiene guidelines in schools and educational centers is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of users.

Cleaning in schools is often taken as secondary.
And, although it is not far comparable to the cleaning that is carried out in a hospital, it is also important to guarantee the safety of users who, at short ages, are more susceptible to possible infections.
Next, we will review the most important aspects of hygiene in schools, ranging from hand washing to cleaning and disinfection products used.
Equip the bathroom with hygienic dispensers that optimize consumption
Use ergonomic and professional cleaning material
Special treatments for bad odors and biological waste
Ecological cleaners for all types of surfaces
Waterless hand sanitizer, a fast and convenient solution to prevent infections

Equip the bathroom with hygienic dispensers that optimize consumption
It is important that hand hygiene be accessible to everyone, literally. With this premise in mind, Katrin Inclusive dispensers have been designed, which in addition to having a very intuitive design, include Braille texts.
For drying hands, our bet will always be paper, avoiding air dryers at all costs. Our recommendation in the wide world of cellulose? The towel dryers.
Unlike what happens with the central extraction coils, this format avoids waste and, therefore, contributes considerably to the saving of paper. In this article we explain the reason.

Did you know that using paper towels instead of air dryers reduces bacterial contamination by 77%?
As regards soap, the load dispensing system is a good ally to avoid cross contamination, since the product is tightly closed. And if we also use these loads in automatic dispensers, even better.
Place soap and paper towels dispensers 130 cm from the floor, instead of 150 cm, as usual, to make them more accessible to children.
Finally, the use of toilet paper in an industrial format helps us space the replacement times and makes the product available for longer.
Use ergonomic and professional cleaning material

The characteristics of the cleaning material such as brushes, handles, mops, etc. they directly affect the welfare of workers.
The ergonomic Vikan handles are a good example of this, since they have a wider diameter than usual and facilitate grip, thus reducing efforts by the cleaning staff.
On the other hand, the mops and the wet cleaning system not only improve the hygiene levels of any space, but also are more comfortable to apply for operators. Best of all, they can be used for both horizontal and vertical cleaning.
Use non-woven cloth cloths for drying surfaces, so you will prevent the proliferation of germs.
In this article we show you what are the 10 dirtiest objects or surfaces that we can find in a school.

Special treatments for bad odors and biological waste
In schools and, above all, at high ages, vomiting and bad smells are a fairly common evil.
In the case of the former, their cleaning, as well as unpleasant, is usually quite complex. To do this, we can use Supersorb, which solidifies liquid or semi-liquid waste and facilitates its collection with a brush and a dustpan.
When we talk about bad smells, the solution seems quite obvious: use air fresheners. However, these can become annoying due to their toxicity levels and, sometimes, when mixed with bad odors, they create an even more unpleasant mixture.
Microdor acts as odor eliminator; Don’t mask them like air fresheners do. Thanks to its active composition based on natural enzymes, it disintegrates malodorous particles with very low levels of toxicity.

Ecological cleaners for all types of surfaces

Ecological cleaners are in full swing due to the growing concern for the environment.
In the case of Baula products, in addition to offering this requirement, they stand out because they offer multiple advantages related to the optimization of use and the well-being of workers.
Everything is due to its reduced format in small single-dose tablets. What does it give us?

✓ Advantages at the logistics level, since we save space in the warehouse, the product barely weighs and does not take up almost space when transporting it.
✓ Advantages for workers associated with the passing load and also for possible inhalations, thanks to its low levels of toxicity.
✓ Advantages in consumption, since with a lower dose than that used with conventional chemicals, we can clean more meters.
In this comparative study you can observe the results obtained with an ecological cleaner tablet compared to those obtained with conventional chemicals.
Leather is available in bathrooms, floors, multipurpose, degreasing, sanitizing and for washing clothes.

Hand sanitizer, a fast and convenient solution to prevent infections
Every winter, the flu becomes a great threat to schools. It is spread from one student to another and also to teachers.
To stop this type of infection, hand washing plays an essential role. However, most of the time it is not possible to interrupt a class to wash your hands.
Hand hydroalcoholic gel acts as an alternative to hand hygiene. It is easy to apply and does not require rinsing, so we can disinfect our hands anytime, anywhere.
In addition, it is available in different formats; pocket, wall dispensers, foot dispensers, etc.

Did you know that hand hydroalcoholic gel eliminates up to 99.9% of the germs present in our hands?
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