Covid-19 prevention: When to sanitize your hands?

In what situations should we sanitize our hands to prevent contagion of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases?

Hand hygiene, either with soap and water or with hydroalcoholic solutions, has become one of the main tools to stop the transmission of Covid-19.

But, are we clear when we should sanitize our hands? In this article we review the main situations in which it is essential to resort to this action.
Remember that whenever we have access to soap and water, it is advisable to wash our hands with these two elements before disinfecting them with hydroalcoholic solutions.

When leaving or entering a new space

Whenever we leave a space and enter a new one, we must sanitize our hands to avoid transferring microorganisms from one environment to another.
We do not necessarily have to change buildings or locations to wash our hands. We must resort to this action whenever we change the environment.
For example, in a food industry, despite being the changing rooms and the production room in the same building, we will sanitize our hands when leaving or accessing one of the two spaces.
Between processes or different activities

This time, without differentiating two spaces, we will pay attention to the activity that we develop.
Again, in a food industry, for example, we will wash our hands if we go from touching one raw material to another. This action, in addition to preventing the contagion of some diseases, is necessary for the control of allergens.
Another example would be to sanitize the hands after treating each patient in health care centers and in situations where gloves are not used.

After interacting with other people

When we interact with people outside the company, in addition to maintaining a safe distance and respecting other prevention regulations, it is important to sanitize our hands since, indirectly, we can touch contaminated surfaces.
For example, when we sign a delivery note to the transport staff or when we receive a raw material.
In these cases, it is important that the hands are sanitized by both parties.