Daily Prevention Against H7N9

Daily prevention

1. To strengthen physical exercise, pay attention to nutritional supplements, to ensure adequate sleep and rest, to enhance the resistance.

2. As far as possible to reduce unnecessary contact with the poultry, especially with the disease, dead poultry contact. Wash your hands away from poultry discharge, contact with birds or poultry manure, pay attention to disinfectant and clean water thoroughly clean hands.

3. Should be as far as possible in the formal sale of poultry premises to purchase quarantine of poultry products.

4. To develop good personal hygiene habits, to strengthen the indoor air circulation, 1 to 2 times a day window ventilation for half an hour. Eat poultry meat to be cooked, cooked thoroughly, eating eggs when the eggshell application of water cleaning, cooking should be full of heating, do not eat raw or half of the eggs. Have plenty of sleep and rest, balanced diet, pay attention to more intake of some rich in vitamin C and other enhance the immunity of food. Regular physical exercise to increase the body’s resistance to the virus.

5. Schools and kindergartens should take measures to teach children not to feed wild pigeons or other birds, such as contact with birds or poultry manure, to immediately wash your hands thoroughly. Go out on the road, try to avoid contact with birds, for example, do not go to bird watching, farm, market or park activities; do not feed pigeons or wild birds.

6. Do not despise the bad cold, avian flu symptoms and other flu symptoms similar to fever, headache, cough and sore throat, etc., in some cases, can cause complications, leading to death. Therefore, if there is fever, headache, nasal congestion, cough, general malaise and other respiratory symptoms, should wear a mask, as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment, and must tell the doctor before the onset of their own bird flu epidemic area, whether contact with poultry Condition, and under the guidance of a doctor treatment and medication.

7. Regular disinfection of the environment, put an end to the air or the environment in the infection, disinfection methods are as follows:

(1) Fumigation method: take the disinfectant liquid in the plastic containers, placed in the room or office, At the office. Some people stay or stay in the air when the air can be. No one is closed for more than half a time when the effect is better.
(2) Flushing method: dilute the living disinfectant, rinse the floor, pet or livestock nest, etc., wipe the pet or livestock stopped, or rinse the plastic utensils utensils.
(3) Spray method: the disinfectant dilution water, plastic spray pot to spray the place to be disinfected.