Different hand sanitizers‘s effect on SSI

The US Food and Drug Administration recommends surgical hand disinfection products to significantly reduce microbes on intact skin, non-irritating, broad-spectrum antibacterial effects, rapid and long-lasting effects, and common surgical hand preparation products are ethanol, chlorhexidine and Povidone iodine.

Ethanol has been used for skin disinfection for more than 150 years and is the most effective short-acting antibacterial agent, but the disadvantage is that it is flammable. In addition, its antibacterial efficacy cannot be sustained.

Kramer and other studies have shown that the effect of surgical hand disinfection with ethanol-containing disinfectant for 1.5 min is the same as that for 3 min. There is no difference in the reduction of SSI between the ethanol preparation containing the active ingredient and the water preparation, but the comparison of the first bacteria before and after the operation is found. The chlorhexidine aqueous solution is more effective than povidone iodine.

There are also studies showing that propanol-based hand sanitizers are effective 1.5 minutes after use, even exceeding the efficacy of ethanol for 3 minutes. In a nearly 10-year study of surgeons and 4387 patient cleaning and cleaning-contamination surgeries involving 6 teaching and non-teaching hospitals, brushing with 75% ethanol solution, 4% povidone iodine or 4% Chlorhexidine gluconate brushed hands, there was no statistical significance in terms of SSI rate, but ethanol brush hand was better tolerated.

Ethanol-sterilized gels are also more tolerant than soap and water-washing hands. Bibbo conducted a comparative study and found that chlorhexidine has better effect on removing skin bacteria than povidone-iodine, and chlorhexidine and ethanol have better effects.

Most studies suggest that the effect of glucose chlorhexidine is better than that of povidone iodine. The effect of brushing hands for 2~3min is better than that for brushing for 30s. It is very important to keep the disinfectant’s opponent’s face moist during the use of disinfectant to ensure that the hand disinfectant is fully applied to the various parts. The amount of the hand depends on the size of the hand and the temperature of the environment. It takes 9ml to use for an average of 3 minutes. Only 1.5ml is needed for 1.5min, so the time used is short and the amount used will be less. In addition, be sure to dry your hands thoroughly before wearing gloves, otherwise the probability of perforation of the gloves increases.