Do not let bacteria lengthen the distance between you

Said pets have parasites, a lot of pet lovers might not want to hear, a lot of people think that most of their own pets clean.

Common cats and dogs are “hidden” in the parasite and there are two parasites in vitro. Wherein the ectoparasites include ticks, fleas, mites, ticks, etc. – these human parasites are generally not susceptible to intimate contact is not, even if some do not survive long infection, but easily transmitted between pets, it is possible pet cause illness.
The parasites are mainly tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, nematodes, heartworm, etc. These human parasites once infected, easy to cause liver, lung and other organs and organ damage. These parasites not only spread through the body and feces directly, but also through the dissemination of contaminated food, water, utensils and so on.

“Can not we pet it? Do we see a cat in the street can not hug it?” Many people think that to avoid parasitic infections are bound to alienate small animals, it is not. It is understood that the main route of infection is a parasitic disease “worm from the mouth”, is the key to improve the health of pets.

Domestic pets generally not a big problem, she had better remind you not to touch the outside of the strange creatures, do not understand the pet should be avoided, because you do not know their health and hygiene. Particularly the elderly and children, immunity is relatively low, it should be noted. Pregnant women more less close Yes, because once suffering from what disease is difficult to normal medication like everyone else, a greater impact on the fetus. Keen to eat Shabu-Shabu and bloody steak pregnant women to avoid eating raw food, kitchen separate raw and cooked food should pay attention to.

How safe and healthy pets
◎ for the family pet regular deworming.
◎ often to pet a bath. The owner must have a simple protective measures, such as wearing gloves, lab coats, etc., to avoid direct contact with skin. If the pet is dirty, to use the diluted disinfectant pet hair wet, sterilized and then wash.
◎ pet droppings should be cleared up, it is best to do harmless treatment, disinfection or buried.
◎ home delineated pet activities area, regularly disinfected. Better not let pets into the bedroom, the kitchen.
◎ Do not give pets eat raw food, regular physical examination.
◎ after touching a pet or pets and close contact should wash their hands, wash your face, avoid cuddling, kissing and other intimate action too.

In addition to pet sterilization, after the lifting of finished pet, remember to give us a hand disinfection. Disease from the mouth, hand hygiene is very important.