Do you celebrate Halloween



In many countries in Europe and America, many people will hold various traditional parties on the last day of October to celebrate Halloween. What was once a festival full of religious rituals has now morphed into an entertaining cultural carnival with make-up galas and kid-friendly neighborhoods calling for candy, telling ghost stories and scaring each other.

The lingering global pandemic has brought many challenges to Halloween this year. Will you still throw a Christmas party or let your kids go door-to-door for candy? It’s a high risk activity.

To be on the safe side, Ningbo Changqi recommends that you take part in some low-risk activities to celebrate Halloween, such as:

Carve a Pumpkin with a Housemate
• Decorate the living place
• Host a virtual Halloween party, including
Dress Up Contest or Pumpkin Carving Display
• Play a candy scavenger hunt at home or Piñata

For below Halloween activities, please wear a mask and keep social distancing:

•Candy bags for every household to grab
• Attend an outdoor fancy dress party
• Go to the outdoor one-way walk haunted house
• Visit the pumpkin fields, before touching the pumpkins
Wash your hands with hand sanitizer or disinfectant first

In order to curb the spread of the new crown epidemic,  we recommend avoiding all high-risk activities, move and treat all moderate risks with caution

Ningbo Changqi (Doctorclean™) wish all of you enjoy a happy halloween.