Does soap Dispensers workable with hand sanitizer?

COVID-19 is a global issue now, according to the prediction of experts, the prevention and control work of the COVID-19 will last for several years.


Many people take public hygiene seriously, and hand hygiene is the most important step in breaking the chain of cross contamination and preventing the transmission infection.


At the meantime, many people. Company and organization purchased hand hygiene dispensers after the outbreak of epidemic situation, so, did you buy the professional sanitizer dispenser or just a soap dispenser for sanitizer? Do you know how to choose the right products?


If you’re looking to see if your current dispensers are suitable for hand sanitiser gel then you may need to check a few things first, as you could damage them in the long run or they may not work correctly. Read on so you don’t make that mistake.


There are models of soap dispenser that are made to house both liquid soap and alcohol based consumables, without the need to change any parts. So, the dispenser you have may already be equipped to deal with both. Some can only take liquid soap because the insides and valves are only suitable for this, as alcohol may damage the materials of certain dispensers. There are also ones that only take foaming soap.

Hand sanitizer dispenser

Hand sanitizer dispenser, hand disinfectant dispenser, automatic sanitizer dispenser


However, some models of soap dispenser have different inner tanks but the same outer casing, meaning you can interchange the tanks and valves to suit various soaps. For example you may have a Doctroclean® soap and sanitizer Dispenser, which is modular designed, can interchange between foam soap, liquid soap / alcohol gel or spray by changing just the insides and pumps, not having to change the full unit, that means, buy 1 dispenser, you’ll have both soap & sanitizer dispenser. And considering of hygienic, for sanitizer, we’re suggest to use disposable bag & nozzle, which is more safe & hyginic. At present, almost all of our clients focus on medical market is using disposble solution, it’s also easy for maintenance.

Hospital installed sanitizer dispenser

Hospital installed sanitizer dispenser

So, you have to be careful to make sure you have the right materials and valve in the unit so that it firstly will dispense the right soap / gel, but also won’t damage the unit in the long run.


So what should you look at for automatic soap dispensers that work with alcohol?


The valves and inner tanks should be resistant enough to work with alcohol as it is more corrosive than normal soap. The life time of the pump using normal soap will always be longer than using alcohol containing liquids and gels, but the pump should be resistant enough to increase the longevity of the unit.


If the inner tank is easily changeable you may only need to change it without the need to change the entire dispenser – saving you money in the long term.  You will need to make sure you know the model of dispenser you have though so that you can match up the right internals.


The material of the tank should be made of plastics that are not degradable by any contact with alcohol.


This is just an ideal, but the tank should be provided with a (removable) lid, so that there is no chance of evaporation of the alcohol.  This means you can take off the lid when you use liquid soap and put it back on with alcohol-based products

If you are unsure if your current soap dispenser is suitable for hand sanitizer or alcohol gel then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can see if we can advise you the best we can.


We also have a great range of the best hand sanitiser dispensers so if you want to make totally sure you have a dispenser suitable for both liquid soap and alcohol sanitising gel then this section is well worth a look here


After the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s many new suppliers of hand soap dispenser arised, the product is uneven. Different from new companys, we’ve specialized in hand sanitizer dispenser over 20 years, under the management system ISO9001:2015, also one of the ISSA memeber since year 2008.

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