Don’t let the bacteria beat!

It is very important for your baby to wash his hands frequently to let the baby fall in love with washing hands. From childhood, he has developed a good habit of washing hands frequently, which helps the baby to effectively resist the invasion of various bacteria and germs and reduce the chance of the baby getting sick. Spicy, how to teach your baby to wash your hands, what kind of circumstances must wash your hands? How to wash your hands properly?

First, under what circumstances must wash your hands, moms must remember.

1, Before eating

When the baby has not fully learned to use tableware such as spoon chopsticks and forks, the food will often be grabbed with fingers to eat. If you don’t wash your hands, the bacteria in your hands will enter the body along with the food, which will lead to various body discomforts.

2, Before going to bed

Most of the babies will still have close contact with the quilt pillow and the soothing toy before going to bed, such as holding, pro, containing, biting and so on. If you do not wash your hands before going to bed, the bacteria on your hands will remain on the surface of the bedding. Once the baby comes into contact with these items, it may be infected by bacteria, causing health problems.

3. After the event

The amusement equipment in the small park, the flowers and plants on the roadside, and the pieces of confetti on the ground all cause the baby’s curiosity, and can’t help but reach out and touch it, which inadvertently brings the bacteria to the hand. There are many things in the outdoor, and the bacteria spreads quickly. So after you go home, you must clean your hands and wash the bacteria.

Washing your hands is not just washing away the visible stains on your hands, but also some germs that are invisible to the naked eye. They also need to be cleaned by hand washing. Therefore, only by using the correct method of hand washing can the purpose of clean hands be achieved.

Hands are a hotbed of bacteria, but because of the small movements such as squatting, rubbing your eyes, and plucking your hair, the bacteria are quietly transferred to the face, especially the children are so active, like to explore the world with their hands and mouth, so we must prepare a special hand soap for your baby.

Second, how to wash your hands properly, teaches you to wash your hands

1. The palms are opposite, the fingers are close together, and they are jealous.

2, the palm of the palm of the palm of the hand along the finger joints squatting, exchange.

3, the palm of the opposite, hands crossed fingers and fingers.

4. Bend your fingers so that the joints rotate in the palm of the other hand.

5, the right hand holding the left thumb to rotate & rub for 20 seconds.

6. Put the tip of your finger together and put it on the palm of your hand.