Establish hygiene awareness and start with hand hygiene!

So far, the prevention and management of the new crown lung epidemic has achieved remarkable results. Primary schools in our city ushered in the official school season following the new crown pulmonary epidemic. In order to avoid the resurgence of the new crown pulmonary epidemic and ensure the smooth progress of the school opening, teachers and students of each school are arranged according to grades and time periods, and nucleic acid testing and campus sanitation and disinfection work are done in advance to make full preparations for the official start of school in September. Here, health experts call on all people to establish health awareness and ensure health and safety. Children are the flowers of the motherland and the hope for the future. Health and health start with me.

The so-called “disease comes from the mouth”, disease prevention and control start with hand hygiene. Let’s talk about the correct way to wash your hands.

The steps are as follows:

how to do hand hygiene

hand hygiene technique

1. First wet your hands with clean running water.

2. At present, the “seven-step hand washing method” is the most convenient and effective hand hygiene operation. The specific steps are shown in the figure:
3. Wash your hands and rub them for at least 20 seconds, then rinse your hands thoroughly with clean running water, and finally dry them with a clean paper towel, or dry your hands naturally in the air.

4. When it is not possible to wash hands with running water, hand sanitizer can also be used for hand hygiene operations.

In September, the students will return to the beautiful campus. In this unforgettable new semester, let us work together, walk hand in hand, do a good job in sanitation protection, protect the health of our homes, and welcome a better tomorrow!