Halloween: Effective Handwashing

Halloween holiday is coming, are you ready? Don’t forget prepare candy for Children. And remember teach children washing hands before eating candy.



Hygienic hand washing refers to the action of applying soap using the rubbing technique and subsequently rinsing with water.

The main objective of hygienic washing is to remove traces of organic matter or dirt and drag a large number of microorganisms harmful to our health.

What do we need? Neutral pH soap, to guarantee respect with the skin and water. This technique is recommended for anyone.


In this infographic you can see the necessary steps for hygienic hand washing.

In hygienic hand washing it is important to use disposable paper for drying instead of air dryers, as paper reduces microbial contamination by 70%.

Hand disinfection

Covid-19 has triggered the consumption of what we know as hydroalcoholic solutions, which we can find in liquid or gel form, among others.

The hand disinfection technique is used to remove microbes from our hands and, unlike hygienic washing, it does not remove dirt.

Disinfection of hands with hydroalcoholic solutions is recommended as an alternative to hygienic washing in those situations in which we do not have access to soap and water.


What do we need? Only a hydroalcoholic solution, since these products do not require rinsing.