Hand disinfectant gel, the best weapon against influenza in schools

Hydroalcoholic gel is an effective weapon against influenza in schools for both teaching staff and students.

The flu, like any other viral disease, is highly susceptible to reaching epidemic levels in schools during the most critical times of the year.

The lack of awareness of the youngest students when it comes to preventing infections and the fact that the teaching staff has to deal with so many students at the same time is one of the main reasons.

The children handle the toys, put them in their mouths and then they pass from one to the other.

In previous articles we listed the 10 most common sources of germs in schools and explained what we should do to inactivate them.

It is virtually impossible to keep all spaces and surfaces clean and disinfected all the time. But we can help ourselves with products for the disinfection of the hands such as, for example, hydroalcoholic gel, which slows contagions by acting on the main germ transmitter: the hands.

What is hydroalcoholic gel?
The hands, main germ transmitters
Hand disinfectant gel for teachers in different format, hydroalcoholic gel is an alcohol-based solution specially designed to disinfect hands comfortably and quickly.

Among its advantages, it stands out that it does not require rinsing, so we can use it at any time and in any place.

Hydroalcoholic gel eliminates 99.99% of the germs of our hands, thus considerably reducing the number of flu and viral diseases in schools.

In addition, it contains dermoprotective agents that prevent the skin from drying out after use.

The hands, main germ transmitters
Hands are the preferred means of transport of germs, as they are the fastest way to “jump” from one surface to another.

In the case of schools, specifically, contagions usually occur when children put their hands to their mouths after having touched a contaminated toy, for example. Or when teachers scratch one eye after touching a contaminated surface.

In this article we explained the importance of avoiding covering our mouths with our hands each time we sneeze. Therefore, it is interesting that in the initial courses students are educated in these types of behaviors that are difficult to modify in the future.

Luckily, influenza is a disease with mild “incidents,” but these guidelines can also help prevent more serious infections.

Disinfectant gel for teachers in different formats
Hydroalcoholic gel is a solution for hand hygiene aimed at teachers. It is easy to use and helps reduce absenteeism, as well as reduce flu infections in schools.

In the case of children, it is recommended to emphasize personal hygiene guidelines and wait until they are older to ensure good use of disinfectant gel.