Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection is the use of chemicals or other methods to eliminate hand most of the microorganisms, so that the number of common pathogenic bacteria reduced to a safe level. However, compared with sterilization, part of the bacterial spores, filter virus, tuberculosis and fungi have the opportunity to not eliminate.

Why do we need to focus on hand disinfection?

Use physical or chemical methods to eliminate pathogens remain in different media, to cut off the transmission, to prevent and control the occurrence of infection.

The purpose:

(1) Prevent the spread of pathogens to the community, causing epidemics.
(2) Prevent patients from being infected by other pathogens, complications, cross-infection occurred.
(3) Promote good health

A US study found that, compared to men, women in the palm of hand, have more varieties of bacteria. However, both men and women, on average, each hand has 150 kinds of bacteria, many varieties have exceeded the expectations of the researchers. The study’s report was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers conducted a detailed examination of the hands of 51 college students, found a total of 4742 kinds of bacteria, on average, each hand has 150 kinds of bacteria, only 5 species in each detected palm, Hands are only 17% of the bacteria are the same.

While women in the hands of “master” more varieties of bacteria. The main is staphylococcus, E.coli.

How to do sanitizer?

1. Daily disinfection

People’s hands directly and frequently contact items, hand skin with bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, of which the skin fold and fingertips on the most. These bacteria may not only make the body infected with their own disease, there may be by handshake, contact with other items such as telephone, door handles, etc., these bacteria spread to others.

The number and type of bacteria on a person’s hand is related to the exposed to the item, the degree of contamination, and cleaning habits.

In addition to a large number of human E. coli, there are Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and so on.

Besides, there are a variety of viruses, such as hepatitis virus, influenza virus, measles virus. By the correct way to wash, you can wash away 80% of the bacteria.

People in contact with bacteria and viruses before meals, do not wash their hands on food, will make bacteria and viruses through the mouth into the body, causing the spread of the disease. For example, patients with tuberculosis care, hand with tuberculosis bacteria, if not carefully wash their hands on food, they may be infected with tuberculosis, will also threaten the health of the common meal. Even if there is no direct contact with food, it is possible to spread the bacteria through the dishes and so on.

Escherichia coli, Shigella, etc. in the human intestinal tract to survive, “convenient” when excreted with the feces, the human hand may be inadvertently contact with contaminated, if they do not wash hands after the timely susceptible to infection, leading to intestinal infectious diseases, such as Dysentery, gastroenteritis and so on. Especially in public places of the toilet, people in the “convenient” after hand contact with flush switches, door handles, stranded in these places the possibility of bacterial transmission disease is very large.

Li Ning, dean of Beijing Etiquette College, said research shows that the most important thing in personal hygiene is to develop the hygienic habit of washing hands before and after meals. A pair of uncleaned hands up to 800,000 bacteria, one gram of nail dirt in possession of 3.8 billion bacteria. Look at these amazing figures, we should be clear, do not wash their hands to eat is how susceptible to various intestinal infectious diseases, so some people will call dysentery “dirty hand.”

Li Ning, said: “Wash hands before and after meals from kindergarten began to instill common sense. But this simple health habits is not been well implemented. For example, when we eat together, a table to sit down and not a lot People who wash their hands, even those who wash their hands, will be ridiculed by others who do not.

“During the meal to go to the bathroom toilets, which will bring people to eat together with a strong sense of unsanitary. We know you are going to the toilet, so you come back to see you do not wash your hands, grabbed chopsticks eat together Dinner people will form a association that you pollute the food. This is in foreign affairs, business dinner which is taboo. “Li Ning, Dean said.

2. Combination of natural disinfection spray, hand sanitizer, to increase disinfection cleaning effect.

Natural disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer main function is to play the role of clean skin care, some specific ingredients can play a role in disinfection, sterilization, such as E. coli.