Hand soap dispenser

In some industries it is still customary to dose hand soap directly from the canister or container.

However, this action converts soap into a source of cross contamination, which, in turn, can lead to unexpected cost overruns due to work losses or production problems.

In this article we will talk about the Doctorclean® industrial dispenser, a product specially designed to be used in all types of industries.

Shockproof design

The Doctorclean® hand soap / sanitizer dispenser is made of engineer chemei ABS, a material with high resistance to shock and breakage that also provides greater durability to the product.

Its attractive gray and mosaic design aims to encourage the use of hand soap. In addition, it allows the button to be operated with one hand, for workers’ convenience.

In addition, it has a transparent viewfinder in the central part to control the state of the product.

Manual soap dispenser

manual soap dispenser design

Greater savings in consumption

The Doctorclean® hand soap / sanitizer dispenser is available in two different formats: one with a capacity of 1000ml bottle and the other with a capacity of 1000ml disposable bag.

These two formats have a capacity superior to that of the dispensers that we find in conventional bathrooms that, in addition, help to meet the needs of different hygiee require environments, which tend to have greater product rotation.

Lower risk of obstructions

The Doctorclean® hand soap dispenser works with loads of fresh pouch with non-reusable nozzles.

When the nozzles are integrated in each load, the risk of obstructions is avoided, which are usually very common due to the granules contained in the soap.

In addition, when sealed loads come, the risk of cross contamination is considerably reduced.

If you want more information about the Doctorclean® manual soap dispenser DM1000, welcome to contact us.