How To Clean Your Room for Valentine’s Day?

Did you invite someone special to your place for Valentine’s Day? If your space looks like you rented it out to a fraternity, you’d better learn to clean up the mess for a chance to impress.

  • Cover Up that Foul Odor – The first thing she is going to notice when she walks through the door is how your place smells. If it smells like a gym bag, try combating odors by sprinkling coffee beans in a plate or bowl and top it off with a vanilla candle.
  • Remove Beer From Carpet – Moving on to the living room, where she’ll be waiting while you put the finishing touches on the night’s main course. You don’t want that beer stain from Super Bowl parties past to catch her eye. To remove, mix a half cup hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon household ammonia and apply to stain. Place several white towels on the stain with weight on top and let stand for two or three hours. Repeat the process until clean. Blot dry with white paper towels.
  • Clean a Dirty Stove Top – In the kitchen, don’t let her see the gunk caked on the stove from all those times the pot boiled over. Just mix some baking soda in a small bowl with enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Scrub with the rough side of a sponge and the gunk will come right off. Also, the top of most stoves lifts up for easy cleaning. Since you’re already there, why not use this time to clean up all the pieces of food that have been there since before you moved in?
  • Prevent Beard Hair from Going Everywhere – Avoid a hairy situation and clean the bathroom prior to your lady friend’s arrival. If you just trimmed that sweet Manuary beard, don’t wash it down the sink because it’ll clog. Clean it up with a damp rag and cleaning solution made with a quarter cup of water and vinegar and two tablespoons of olive oil. Not only will it pick up the little bits of hair, but you will have sparkling sink too.