How to deal with the loosening of the current epidemic control in China

No nucleic acid, a woman take off the site code

a woman take off the site code

After three years of the epidemic, it finally ushered in the release of epidemic control. It should be said that many people called for the loosening of epidemic control earlier. However, in the face of the real release of control, many people became uneasy again, including ourselves, when they saw the notice of “No more nucleic acid, don’t do nucleic acid”. He kept emphasizing that family members should be cautious in dealing with the current situation of the loosening of epidemic control. No matter how many people say that the symptoms of Omicron virus infection are already very mild, it is always the best choice not to be infected.

Before the epidemic prevention and control policy shifted to liberalization, a strict control policy was adopted. Even in places where there is no epidemic, nucleic acid scanning is the norm. The strict control of the epidemic has indeed brought great inconvenience to people’s life, work and study. Therefore, some people continue to call for relaxation of control. However, when the control of the epidemic was truly relaxed, many people began to panic, and only then did they rush to buy medicines, and N95 masks and alcohol suddenly became scarce. In short, the loosening of epidemic control did not present a situation where everyone rejoiced, but instead aggravated people’s anxiety.

Now, what many people think in their hearts is how to be alone in the face of the loosening of epidemic control. In the previous wave, many people snapped up medicines. In my opinion, there is no need to rush to buy medicines. Because rushing to buy medicines made a mistake in the direction of thinking. In the face of the epidemic, it is important not to be infected as much as possible, and the hoarding of medicines is to focus on the treatment after infection. Not getting infected is the best policy. If you are really infected, if you have no symptoms, just drink plenty of water and rest well. If you are infected and have severe symptoms, the medicines bought at home will not solve the problem, and you have to go to the hospital.

When the epidemic control is loosened, to ensure that you do not get infected, one is to improve your own immunity. In the past, the only preventive drug recommended by the Shanghai Health Commission was vitamin C, which focused on improving the body’s immunity. It’s hard to say how effective taking vitamin C can be in preventing infection, at least it’s better than nothing.

visitor using automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

hand sanitiser, touchless sanitizer dispenser

When the epidemic control is relaxed, avoid infection as much as possible, and the most important thing is to wear a mask. After all, the physical isolation method of wearing a mask is generally considered to be practical and effective. In addition, maintaining indoor air circulation to dilute the virus concentration in the air is also a scientifically based method. We try to reduce unnecessary gatherings, wear masks when going out, wash hands and disinfect frequently, ventilate indoors frequently, strengthen exercise, and improve our immunity.

Speaking of which, these methods are old methods that everyone is familiar with, but basically there are only these that can be done.

It should be noted that after the epidemic control was relaxed, the slogan “be the first person responsible for your own health” has become popular. In fact, the slogan “be the first person responsible for your own health” was put forward in 2020, but at that time there was strict epidemic control, and people didn’t pay much attention to this slogan.

washing hands with hand soap

washing hands with hand soap

In response to the current relaxation of epidemic control, “be the first person responsible for your own health” cannot be just a slogan, but implemented in action. For personal protection, the two most important points are to wear a mask when going out and keep your hands clean and hygienic. You can wash your hands with alcohol or soapy water. Of course, we can also prepare some necessary medicines to relieve our own anxiety. Physical and mental health is also very traditional Chinese medicine.