How to remove gloves safely?

Gloves are a protective measure that acts as a barrier between the user and the environment, in cases where the user can have a negative impact on the space or vice versa.

In the case of health areas, both options are possible. Gloves are a hygienic measure and a tool for job security at the same time.

Therefore, its correct placement is just as important as its disposal.

Why is it so important to dispose of gloves correctly?
Steps to remove gloves safely
Hand hygiene, essential after removing gloves

Why is it so important to dispose of gloves correctly?
The removal of gloves after a health activity in a medical center, hospital, veterinary clinic or health center plays a critical role in preventing contagion.

As a general rule, we will wear gloves to avoid coming into contact with surfaces that are contagious and dangerous to people’s health.

During the activity, the glove is mixed with thousands of germs from very different surfaces. Therefore, when removing it, it is especially important that it does not come into contact with the skin.

Here are the steps to remove gloves safely.

Steps to remove gloves safely

Step 1. Grab the glove by the palm side and at the wrist. Pull it so that the glove, when removed, is turned upside down.

Step 2. Hold the glove already removed with the plam of the hand where you still have the other glove on. Insert your fingers at the wrist to remove the other glove, so that it only touches your skin and the inside of the glove.

Step 3. Pull the glove upside down while still holding the first glove. Thus, the glove you removed in the first place will be inside this second glove.

Step 4. Dispose of the gloves in the appropriate container, which in this case is that of special sanitary waste and should incorporate a bag of GII waste.

Hand hygiene, essential after removing gloves
It is essential to wash your hands with soap and water immediately after removing the gloves and before touching another surface.

Occasionally, imperceptible breaks occur or small pores open in the gloves that inactivate their function.

It is also recommended that, after washing your hands with soap and water, apply hydroalcoholic gel for complete disinfection.