Hygiene guide in beauty centers

Hygiene in beauty centers helps to offer a better image of the business and to guarantee the well-being of clients and professionals.

The workers of beauty and beauty centers are constantly exposed to microorganisms that cause some infections.
It is the case of fungi, bacteria or other parasites that inhabit the skin. The problem is that, most of the time, cleaning and disinfection are undervalued in these centers when it comes to preventing possible infections.
Hairdressers, beauticians and nail specialists work daily with utensils that come into direct contact with the skin and, in turn, go through different hands at the end of the day. And, most of the time, these utensils are not taken into account during cleaning and disinfection.

Here are some issues related to hygiene in beauty centers.

Maintain correct order and storage
The order is the previous step to cleaning and plays a very important role when it comes to setting up a hygienic and positive image in the clients.
Thus, we will be responsible for separating disposable products well from those that are not and, later, we will sanitize the latter.
Differentiating sanitized products from those that are not yet helps prevent cross-contamination problems and makes the cleaning process more effective.

For differentiation or separation we will help each other with different storage areas and, if possible, label each area to avoid confusion.

Hygiene of furniture and other surfaces

Starting with general cleaning, it is essential that the furniture, ceilings and walls of the center offer a clean effect.
To do this, we can use any type of generic or specific detergent to then proceed with the disinfectant. We can also use two products in a detergent and disinfectant.
One of the basic rules is to clean and superficially disinfect the workspace after each client or client.

Towel cleaning
Towels are a very popular element and, therefore, one of the critical points of hygiene in beauty and beauty centers.
It is important to separate clean and non-clean towels and store them in a place where the risk of contamination is minimal.
As with utensils, towels are in direct contact with the skin and can become one of the germ’s favorite means of transport. In this article we explain how to wash the towels in the laundry.

Customer toilet maintenance

Beauty and beauty centers sell, among other things, image. And precisely, these businesses must lead by example and offer a good image of themselves.
In this aspect, the bathroom plays a fundamental role. Keeping customers’ toilets clean and perfectly equipped conveys a concern for the cleanliness that our public will perceive as something positive and comfortable.
In this article you can consult the most important points for the hygiene of public toilets.

Disinfection of utensils
The fact that the utensils we use look apparently clean is not enough. Nail files, footbaths, scissors or other work tools are in direct contact with the skin and therefore need to be disinfected.
We can opt for the immersion technique, applying a disinfectant suitable for these materials or for sterilization.
Another equally valid option is to resort to single-use utensils, especially in the case of products such as limes.

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is a transversal practice in any business to prevent possible infections.
In the case of beauty and beauty centers, it is recommended that staff wash their hands with soap and water before and after serving each client.In addition, we also recommend using hand hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect your hands at any time without resorting to washing.