Hygiene guide in summer camps

Hygiene in summer camps improves the user experience and the reputation of the business itself.

With the arrival of good weather, summer camps begin to take center stage among the leisure proposals for children and the not-so-children.

And, although for many, hygiene in these cases may seem secondary, it is not.

Why? Because, although hygiene is a little “valued” factor by users, the reality is that it plays an important role in their opinion when it shines because of its absence.

That is why, summer camp managers must ensure that the facilities are in an optimal state.

Ecological cleaning chemicals

The environment that surrounds summer camps is usually quite natural. And the chemicals used for cleaning do not have to be an impediment to maintain this condition.

Ecological cleaning chemicals are composed of mostly natural ingredients and offer very low levels of toxicity compared to conventional cleaning chemicals.

Thus, the impact on the environment is less and the effects that they can have on people, such as irritations, disappear.

Cleaning and disinfection will be carried out according to the frequency established in the plan of each business and whenever deemed necessary.

Solutions against bad odors

Bad smells are also a problem in summer camps, especially in spaces such as bungalows or rooms.

To end them, we bet on deodorizers as Microdor. This product is made up of natural enzymes that absorb bad odors instead of masking them, as conventional air fresheners do.

When dealing with the public more often, vomiting is also a common problem.

Supersorb helps to eliminate waste in a more comfortable way and gives off a pleasant aroma in the environment.

Fully equipped bathrooms for personal hygiene

It is important that all bathrooms have all the necessary equipment for personal hygiene of users.

Thus, we should find soap dispensers, hand towel dispensers, toilet paper and, in case of showers, body gel dispensers.

Remember that drying hands with paper is always more hygienic than that done with air dryers.

When it comes to hygiene outside the bathroom, Purell disinfectant gels are a good option to keep your hands germ free anytime, anywhere.

Solutions against insects

Insects are intrinsic to nature and even more so with the arrival of heat. But sometimes, species such as mosquitoes, become a true ordeal.

For this there are natural solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. Among them, the adhesion and electrocution systems, which attract insects through ultraviolet light, stand out.