In 2019, China’s “National Fitness Day” main venue event was held

Workers Daily (Reporter Li Yuanhao) “Healthy China, You and Me” – 2019 China’s “National Fitness Day” main venue broadcast gymnastics, workplace exercises and “Healthy China Action” theme promotion activities August 3 Held in Xi’an, Shaanxi, marking the climax of this year’s “National Fitness Day” series of activities. Director of the State Sports General Administration, Zhong Zhongwen, Shaanxi Provincial Governor Liu Guozhong, Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration Li Jianming, and Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province Fang Guanghua attended the opening ceremony.

August 8 this year is China’s 11th “National Fitness Day”. The theme of this year is “Healthy China, You and Me”, aiming to implement the national strategy of national fitness, advocate a civilized and healthy lifestyle, and promote the fitness of the whole nation and the health of the whole people. Convergence and showcase the flourishing development of the national fitness industry in the new era.

At the opening ceremony of the main venue event, 780 representatives of broadcast gymnastics from the country collectively performed the ninth set of broadcast gymnastics live demonstrations. Subsequently, three representative teams from the central state organs, three representatives of the national industry associations, and 30 representatives from all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government successively performed broadcast gymnastics and inter-working exercises. Xu Haifeng, a member of the Health China Action Promotion Committee, China’s first Olympic gold medalist, and Wang Liqin, the table tennis Olympic champion, helped the event. Shaanxi Olympic champion Guo Wenzhao led the Shaanxi Science Fitness Promotion Ambassador to read the proposal.

With the development of China’s economy and society, the enthusiasm for participating in sports has gradually increased. As the national fitness has risen to the national strategy, the “interaction” between sports and the economy, culture, education and other fields is increasing. Its role as a link and platform gradually emerged.

Taking the main venue in Shaanxi as an example, according to the reporter’s understanding, in May this year, the Shaanxi Provincial Government issued the “Implementation Plan for the Shaanxi Provincial National Games for the People’s Republic of China”, which proposed that by 2021, the basic public sports facilities will be fully covered, and the per capita sports ground. The area is more than 2 square meters; the number of people who regularly participate in physical exercise reaches more than 16 million; the national fitness events are more attractive and the participation of the masses is more extensive.

Qi Zhongwen, director of the State Sports General Administration, said that through the event, the hope of the urban and rural residents to establish active fitness awareness, each person has at least one or two hobby sports, develop fitness habits, with a good mental outlook and healthy body Make a new contribution to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.