Is bulk soap a source of pollution?

Bulk soap is susceptible to bacterial contamination, turning hand hygiene into a counterproductive action.

In previous articles we argued why soap in charge is better than bulk soap. But we didn’t talk about how soap is contaminated in bulk.

We all use hand soap, not only to remove dirt, but also to reduce the presence of germs.

So, if soap becomes a source of contamination, the act of washing your hands is counterproductive.

A brief review of bulk soap

Bulk soap is a liquid or foam solution that is placed by directly adding the product to the dispenser.

Unlike soap loads, it is not contained in a cartridge and, when placed in the dispenser, is impregnated on all its walls.

It is important to keep this in mind because, if the dispenser is contaminated and is not cleaned and disinfected, it can contaminate the soap and vice versa.

It is important to clean and disinfect bulk soap dispensers periodically to avoid cross contamination problems.

Is bulk soap a source of contamination?

In 2007, an unpublished study by the University of Arizona stated that 25% of dispensers that were filled with bulk soap had bacterial contamination.

This study also highlights that 16% of the germs found are causing gastrointestinal diseases. And that, in short, by washing our hands with bulk soap, we acquire, on average, more than one million bacteria.

When carrying out the same test with soap systems in charge no bacterial contamination was detected.

How is bulk soap contaminated?

As we mentioned, bulk soap is open to the environment. Germs reproduce inside the dispenser and are impregnated both on its walls and in the soap present.

The reality is that every time the cleaning staff refills the soap dispensers, it does not stop to clean or disinfect them. Thus, the new soap that is added is contaminated by the old one.

The result is that when users dispense the soap thinking that they are washing their hands, they are actually contaminating them.

Soap loads are the best alternative to bulk soap, as they come tightly closed. In addition, they should be seen as an investment and never as an expense since, in the long run, they are much more profitable for three reasons: they optimize product consumption, reduce risks and avoid waste.

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