Is Six Hours of House Cleaning Enough?

The average American spends about six hours per week cleaning, however 34 percent wonder if they are cleaning enough and 31 percent are not sure if they are cleaning correctly, according to a new survey from the American Cleaning Institute.

The survey of 1,000 adults found that 28 percent clean their homes more than average at seven hours a week, while 26 percent clean between three and four hour a week, and 10 percent clean less than one hour per week. A majority (74 percent) do light cleaning most often, while 26 percent deep clean more frequently.

Most survey respondents reported that toilets and floors were the most frequently cleaned areas of their homes, and that appliances, faucets, carpets, and rugs also received regular cleanings. Millennials reported cleaning their cell phones, computers, and tablets more frequently than Generation Xers.

Among all generations, most people (52 percent) said they dread cleaning the bathroom most, followed by cleaning the kitchen (23 percent), performing overall dusting (21 percent), mopping (20 percent) and doing the laundry (17 percent). The most commonly used cleaning supplies were sprays and wipes.

The ACI offers a few tips to help make house cleaning quicker and easier:

Keep clutter to a minimum so there are fewer places for dust and allergens to accumulate.
Avoid spreading dirt and germs around the house by washing hands regularly and wiping shoes on entryway rugs or mats.
Keep bathroom and kitchen surfaces clean and dry to reduce mold and mildew.
Promptly clean up crumbs and wipe up spills.
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