ISSA Educates The UK

Worldwide cleaning industry association, ISSA, is offering education and certification for cleaning professionals in the UK via their Cleaning Management Institute (CMI).

To stay ahead of the game, companies in the cleaning industry need to see the latest developments, understand their impact, and act on them. However, it doesn’t just come down to the qualifications of the CEO: companies need qualified staff at all levels to recognise what could affect business operations and drive innovation.

KJ Boel, ISSA’s Director of Programme Development EMEA, said: “Staff training pays off multiple times. Regular employee training gives your company more on the job know-how and knowledge. In addition, it also deepens skills like time management, social skills or team building.”

ISSA’s CMI is one of the most recognised education and certification providers in the professional cleaning industry. Since its founding in 1964, CMI’s third-party training has certified more than 250,000 individuals worldwide, and furthered the education and development of cleaning and maintenance professionals, managers, supervisors and executives.

ISSA currently offers three different CMI workshops in the United Kingdom, which will be running in September and November 2018:

Estimating Made Easy:

Learn to match facility requirements with the right cleaning system in order to maximise resources, improve cleaning quality, and take the organisation to the next level of development.

Accredited Auditing Professional certification:

Accredited Auditing Professional (AAP) certifications are structured and designed for empowering an individual to provide a consistent and standard quality assurance audit. Each certification is valid for two years from the date taken. The AAP certification will place you within an elite group of auditing professionals throughout the world.

Supervisor & Management Boot Camp:

The Boot Camp is a two-day session designed to sharpen both technical and soft skills involved in cleaning, maintaining, and servicing facilities. This course is designed both for aspiring entry-level workers as well as tenured professionals who are looking to increase their education and learn new techniques.