Must-know knowledge points for COVID-19 protection

The epidemic situation is still very serious, hope below points would be helpful to you.


1. The new coronavirus has a strong transmission ability and evolutionary adaptability, and will continue to mutate in the future.

2. Although it has been observed that the new coronavirus has mutated multiple times, and the infectivity has increased and the virulence has weakened, these phenomena cannot be simply summarized as the law of virus mutation. Virus mutation is uncertain and unpredictable, and requires further monitoring and research.

3. The transmission speed of the new coronavirus in the population is affected by various factors such as virus infectivity, crowd susceptibility, crowd mobility, crowd density, contact mode, and environmental conditions.

4. Although the new coronavirus is more prevalent in winter, it can also have a larger epidemic peak in hot summer, especially when new mutant strains appear.

5. The infectious period of people infected with the new coronavirus is mainly at the end of the incubation period and within one week of onset.

6. It is relatively rare for people infected with the new coronavirus to “recover positive”. After “recovery positive”, the viral nucleic acid load is low and the infectivity is extremely low.

7. The infectivity of people infected with the new coronavirus is related to the viral load in the respiratory tract, especially closely related to coughing, sneezing and other respiratory symptoms that are conducive to virus excretion.

8. After a person infected with the new coronavirus recovers, the possibility of reinfection in the short term is relatively small.9. As time goes on, the risk of rein

fection of people infected with the new coronavirus will increase. This is related to the attenuation of protective antibodies and virus mutation induced by the new coronavirus infection.

10. People who have completed the full course of immunization and enhanced immunization with the new coronavirus vaccine will have a shorter course of disease and a milder condition after being infected with the new coronavirus.

Daily protection

1. Daily protection In daily life and work, a safe distance of more than 1 meter should be maintained, especially in queuing, paying, talking, exercising, visiting, shopping and other scenarios.

2. Wearing multiple masks at the same time does not effectively increase the protective effect, but instead increases breathing resistance and can damage the tightness of the masks.

3. You can open more windows for ventilation when the weather is sunny and the outdoor temperature and humidity are suitable. It can be ventilated 2 to 3 times a day, 30 minutes each time.

4. The home environment should be clean and supplemented by preventive disinfection. If there is no infected person in the home, just do a good job in daily household cleaning.

5. Commonly used disinfectants in households are mainly alcohol disinfectants (75% ethanol) and chlorine-containing disinfectants (84 disinfectant). It is strictly forbidden to use different types of disinfectants at the same time or in combination.

6. During the high-incidence period of the new coronavirus infection, you should change your shoes and take off your coat after going out and returning home. Bags and items you carry with you when you go out, such as mobile phones, keys, etc., can be sprayed with 75% alcohol or disinfected with alcohol pads.

7. During the peak period of the epidemic, there are more people infected. If family members, friends, colleagues, etc. are infected by themselves, there is no need to feel guilty. In case of psychological problems, you can communicate more, or go to psychological and mental health professional institutions for consultation or medical treatment.