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The 2021 National Day is coming, as we know, it’s the Tourism Golden Week, so, do you have travelling plan? If yes, please pay attention to the safety of travel during the National Day. Here’s the summarizes of some common travelling problems during the National Day for the majority of tourists and friends. Hope it will be useful to everyone to enjoy a safe & happy holiday.


Pay attention to the weather conditions of tourist destinations

Before traveling, pay close attention to the weather conditions at the destination and take the initiative to obtain the weather information issued by the local meteorological department. Before traveling, it is best for tourists to purchase a travel accident insurance. During the trip, they must follow the arrangements of the on-site staff, follow all kinds of safety tips, strengthen self-prevention, and strictly prevent accidents.

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Pay attention to the epidemic situation

Tourists should make reasonable arrangements for travel according to their own health conditions, accurately grasp the epidemic situation in the place of departure, transit and destination, understand whether the destination is a low-risk area, whether the tourist attraction is open, local prevention and control measures, and epidemic prevention policies for foreigners; accurate; Master whether the destination catering, accommodation, shopping places, etc. have the opening conditions and the epidemic prevention requirements when entering, confirm the epidemic information of each location and route, and choose to travel when all the conditions are met. Precise preparations can be avoided There are situations where you can’t get in, get out, have nowhere to eat, have nowhere to live, and can’t go back; tourists should bring necessary masks, gloves, disinfectants and other protective equipment during the itinerary, and take personal protection in time, regardless of whether they are driving or Wear masks throughout the journey on public transportation, avoid multiple people traveling at the same time, and try to avoid close contact with others.

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How to stay safe


Choose a qualified travel agency to register

Tourists traveling with a group should choose a qualified travel agency to sign up, and do not participate in tourism activities organized by unqualified related units or individuals. Sign a travel contract with a travel agency and read the terms of the contract carefully. Don’t participate in unreasonable low-price tours. After paying, remember to ask for an invoice.

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Pay attention to road safety

When traveling, please choose the service provided by a legally qualified transportation operation unit, ask for and save the receipt. Tourists traveling by car, please do a good job inspection of the vehicle condition and abide by traffic laws. Drivers and passengers must wear seat belts, do not allow minor children under the age of twelve to take the passenger seat of a motor vehicle, do not drive for a long time, and avoid fatigue driving.


Pay attention to the safety of wading tourism

Tourists should choose suitable water tourism projects according to their physical health, water quality, weather and water body conditions. When participating in high-risk tourism projects such as cruises, rafting, diving, etc., choose a fully qualified business unit, carefully read the tourist instructions, follow the arrangements of the staff, wear a life jacket, and cooperate with various safety precautions.


Pay attention to fire safety

In tourism activities, in order to prevent fire accidents, visitors are requested not to bring flammable and explosive materials; do not throw cigarette butts and fires.

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Pay attention to the safety of scenic spots

Visitors to mountain-type scenic spots should pay special attention to the weather and safety warning signs set up in the scenic spots. When encountering thunderstorms, strong winds and severe weather, they should stay away from dangerous areas or dangerous areas. Do not enter the restricted area specified by the scenic spot to avoid accidents.


Pay attention to food hygiene

Choose a qualified, clean and hygienic dining place to eat, try to choose fresh food processed at high temperature, and do not eat raw and cold food sold by unlicensed vendors. To eat aquatic products, choose fresh and live products, and eat them after processing and maturity. Take common medicines and band-aids for colds, diarrhea, and anti-inflammatory with you.

Food hygiene

Food hygiene


Strive to be civilized tourists

Tourists must abide by the “Convention on Civilized Behaviors of Domestic Tourism for Chinese Citizens” when traveling, and start with small things such as taking away trash, not spitting, not littering, not smoking in public places, and punctuality and self-discipline to create civilization and harmony. The tourist environment.

Civilized travelling

Civilized travelling


Rational rights protection in accordance with the law

In the event of a dispute during the travel itinerary, tourists should remain calm, find relevant departments to coordinate communication and resolve, rationally and legally, and refrain from taking excessive actions to amplify the situation or intensify conflicts.


Pay attention to travel tips and prepare before you go

Health Tips

Pay attention to the travel tips issued by the tourism, diplomacy, meteorology, transportation and other departments, and be cautious when going to travel destinations with unfavorable traffic, public security, health, and climatic conditions. You can choose to travel on peaks or non-popular travel destinations. Reasonably plan travel routes, and choose qualified travel agencies, hotels, amusement parks, and transportation vehicles with operating qualifications. Before traveling by car, carefully check the condition of the car, and check whether the relevant documents and insurance are complete and valid to ensure driving safety.