Office hygiene guide

The hygiene in offices not only goes through the cleaning of surfaces or furniture, but also contemplates the environmental well-being or the equipment of the bathrooms.

The hygiene in offices has as main objective to maintain aesthetically pleasing spaces and facilitate coexistence in them.

Unlike what happens in the food industry and the health sector, in the offices the health risks in case the hygiene is not correct are minimal.

Most of the time the lack of cleanliness is associated with allergy problems or a worse functioning of certain equipment. Therefore, office hygiene is not, in any case, expendable.

Next, we will review what aspects should be taken into account when planning office hygiene.

Floor cleaning

In this article we explain which cleaning products are the most suitable for each type of soil.

If there is a rule that is applicable to any space, it is the one that says that we must first clean the floor before the furniture.

The reason? When we sweep we raise a lot of dust that, in one way or another, ends up depositing on furniture or other surfaces.

Therefore, it is always advisable to clean the floors with slightly moistened microfiber mops to more easily trap dirt particles.

The BIO System mop has a reservoir to house cleaning solutions and directly impregnate the mop.

Furniture cleaning

As with floors, it is recommended to apply a wet cleaning of furniture to better trap dust.

Nonwoven fabric is considered a better option than microfiber for cleaning cloths. Among many other things, it stands out for its great ability to drag, absorb and low detachment.

As for the cleaning solution, we can opt for specific furniture cleaners or a mixture of water with neutral detergents, which respect the surfaces.

Cleaning of computer equipment

Computer equipment and electronic devices (printers, keyboards, mice, etc.) are one of the main sources of germs in offices.

To clean keyboards, mice or screens, we will use impregnated non-woven cloths and avoid directly spraying these devices so as not to impair their operation.

In this case and also in the case of telephones, we will use chlorinated disinfectants or based on quaternary ammoniums to stop contagious infections.

The disconnection of electronic devices during cleaning should also be considered.

Waste management

One of the biggest mistakes made during office cleaning is emptying waste bags instead of replacing them.

This causes some microorganisms that remain attached to the surface of the bag and contaminate their closest environment.

To avoid this, in addition to changing the bags, it is recommended to periodically disinfect the bins and containers, especially those that house liquids or food scraps.

For this we can use a detergent and a chlorinated disinfectant.

Environmental comfort

Light and sound are two key aspects to ensure environmental comfort and the well-being of people.

But are not the only ones. And it is that smells also play an important role in this field.

Normally, we abuse air fresheners when they do not really eliminate bad odors, but instead mask them.

Enzymatic deodorizers such as Microdor are the best option to eliminate odor pollution from an office naturally.

Restroom cleaning

Baths, in addition to frequent cleaning, must present the appropriate equipment.

The use of automatic dispensers for hand soap is more hygienic than manual dispensers.

Moreover, the installation of towel towel dispensers helps optimize consumption and reduces the risks of contamination compared to air dryers.

The Katrin Inclusive dispenser line offers an elegant design and is suitable for all audiences.

Cleaning in the dining room and the kitchenette

Eating in a “tupper” brings many headaches and, some of them, have nothing to do with having to prepare food.

And, most of the time, workers, in addition to sharing a relaxed time, also share a scourer when cleaning utensils.

This object is an authentic nest of germs, since it “absorbs” the remains of food in each wash.

In an office, the maximum time to replace a scourer is one week. If not, cleaning would be totally ineffective.