Precautions for the purchase and installation of soap dispensers


Sanitizing hands by automatic Hand sanitiser dispenser

Sanitizing hands by automatic Hand sanitiser dispenser

Automatic soap dispenser, also known as sensor soap dispenser and touchless soap dispenser, is characterized by automatic and quantitative dispensing of liquid. Through its ingenious liquid dispensing design, people can easily get soap without manually squeezing it when needed. Liquid, avoid contact, very convenient and hygienic! In modern times, soap dispensers are widely used in public places such as shopping malls, airports, stations, hospitals, and high-level office buildings. After people gradually fell in love with this convenient way of washing hands, soap dispensers also entered the home.

There are many types of soap dispensers, how to choose?

The purchase of soap dispenser can start from the following three aspects

1. Working principle

There are four types of soap dispensers in terms of working principle: automatic soap dispenser, manual soap dispenser, elbow pressure soap dispenser and foot pedal type disinfectant liquid dispenser. The automatic soap dispenser is also called the induction soap dispenser. It uses infrared technology. When it senses the approach of the human body, the liquid outlet will automatically squeeze out a certain amount of soap. This kind of soap dispenser is relatively expensive, and it is generally used in public places because it will appear higher and more advanced. The manual soap dispenser is a device that can get the soap by itself through the button. Its design does not require electricity, and the liquid output is manually controlled, which is more suitable for home use.

2. Installation method

In terms of installation methods, there are three types: placed type, wall-mounted type and sink type. The placed type soap dispenser can be placed directly on the sink without installation and is easy to move. The wall-mounted type uses screws to fix the soap dispenser on the wall, which will destroy the wall during installation, but saves space. The sink type soap dispenser is a combination of the sink and the soap dispenser, which is complicated to install and has a strong sense of overall design.

3. Material style

Floor standing automatic sanitiser dispenser

Floor standing automatic sanitiser dispenser

The material of the soap dispenser is usually stainless steel and plastic. Stainless steel is beautiful and durable, but it is inconvenient to see the amount of soap used. The plastic is colorful, light and fashionable, and cost-effective. Plastic soap dispensers are recommended for household use.

If you choose a placed soap dispenser, you don’t need to consider the installation problem, just put it in a convenient place.

If it is a sink type soap dispenser, it requires professional staff to install it, because in addition to the liquid outlet, the position of the water outlet must be well designed. If it is a wall-mounted soap dispenser, although it needs to be installed, it can be done by yourself, but you need to pay attention to the installation method.

1. Choose the appropriate installation location. For the convenience of use, the wall-mounted soap dispenser should not be installed too far from the sink. The suitable position is 30 cm to the left or right above the sink. If there are towels hanging on the sink, move the soap dispenser a little further to the sides to avoid looking crowded.

2. Because it is fixed with screws, holes will be drilled in the wall. After the location is selected, the location of the drilling should be determined to avoid excessive damage to the wall. In order to strengthen the fixing effect, a rubber plug should be installed when installing the screws, which can also protect the wall hole from slag and no longer expand.

Sanitizing hands

Sanitizing hands with alcohol based hand sanitiser

3. If it is an automatic soap dispenser installed, after installation, check whether the motor wire and the sensor head cable are well connected and whether the installation is tight; the power plug should be based on the water source to avoid safety accidents.

The precautions for the purchase and installation of soap dispensers have been told in detail. We now know that the countertop style manual soap dispenser is the easiest to install, and it is ready to use without installation. However, the wall-mounted type is more space-saving, and the installation is also very convenient. You can directly dip 3M tape on the back of the machine. This type of machine is mostly used in public places with large traffic and the need for hand hygiene. Such as hospitals, clinics, schools, shopping malls, etc.

Hand soap and sanitiser dispenser installation site

Hand soap and sanitiser dispenser installation site for hand hygiene and infection control