Stainless steel floor stand for automatic sanitizer dispenser

304 Stainless Steel, Two pipes included for adjusting the Stand height.
Adjust Height: 115-150cm
Outer pipe: dia.2.8cm
Inner pipe: dia.2.2cm
Back broad: 135*104*560mm
Base: 32.5*32.5cm


Categories High Quality Stainless Steel Floor Stand for touchless  Sanitizer Dispenser
Brand Doctorclean®
Model Stainless Steel Floor Stand
Material Food grade 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity For All touchless Hand Hygiene Dispenser
Product Size 32.5×32.5x150cm, Two Pipes to Adjust Height 115-150cm, The bottom board is square, 32.5×32.5cm, thickness is 0.3cm, outer pipe diameter is 2.8cm, inner pipe diameter is 2.2cm
Color Metal
Unit Weight 4500g
Package 4 units / carton
Installation Floor Stand
Application School, Health Care, Institutions, Hospitals, Clinic, Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Building, Shopping Mail, Coffee Bar, Food Factory, Airport etc

Stainless steel floor stand

portable floor stand

movable floor stand dispenser



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