School gyms: Showering after physical education

Hygiene habits in many school gyms are improvable, starting with the shower at the end of the physical education class.

Avoiding showering after a physical education class is a more common practice than we think in school gyms.
Most of the time, lack of time and resources are the most frequent reasons that cause this action to be omitted.
But we must be aware that showering in school gyms is an action that deserves time, since it not only helps prevent contagion, but indirectly, improves the well-being of all students.
Next, we give some guidelines and explain what effects it may have not to shower after physical education classes.

What are the effects of not showering after playing sports?
When we do sports, our body removes some substances in the form of sweat. So far, there is no reason to worry, since this reaction is natural to our body.
The problem comes when we don’t clean that sweat and it gives rise to new microorganisms and bad smells.
When sweat smells bad, normally, it is due to the bacteria that are released by our body. These bacteria can be harmful or not. But, in any case, the fact of not showering increases that risk.

Moisture is the preferred breeding ground for many germs. When we don’t shower after playing sports, we encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria that inhabit our body.
Tips when showering in school gyms

The changing rooms that we find in school gyms, and in the same way that occurs in any other space shared by many people, present a greater risk of infection than the bathroom of our house.
To prevent any type of contagion, we will make sure to wear footwear at all times or protect our feet to avoid direct contact with the ground and curb fungal infection.
Drying after showering is almost as important as showering. Eliminating the remains of moisture reduces the risk of infections and infections.

And finally, changing clothes is an essential action to make showering in school gyms an effective action.