Soap dispenser’s market prospects in China

The soap dispenser market of China’s more than 1.3 billion people is far less than that of the US and Europe. The market size of a soap dispenser in the US market is several times larger than that of the Chinese market. The reason is that apart from the decisive factors of consumers themselves, the market Channel construction and consumption guidance are also extremely important. Fortunately, over the past 30 years of reform and development, not only has it created a substantial increase in material wealth, but it has also had an extremely important impact on the consumption patterns of Chinese people, bringing huge opportunities for growth in the Chinese soap dispenser market.

First, the adjustment of the consumption structure of soap dispensers creates more market opportunities.
In recent years, with the rise of consumer groups represented by the post-80s, the consumption structure of the entire soap dispenser market is undergoing a radical change. Personalization, serialization, colorization, and art are about to influence the consumption thought of this group. . They no longer obsessed with foreign soap dispenser brands, but more valued the match of soap dispenser products with their demand value, combined with the government’s 70/90 policy and the reality of their spending power, small space homes have become The mainstream of society, how to achieve greater personal value in the limited soap dispenser space, is the focus and key of their pursuit. The recent patriotic enthusiasm is an important opportunity for the national soap dispenser brand to push its own value. Just like a soap dispenser launching my “Chinese heart”, the soap dispenser brand should boldly speak its own Chinese figure. China is no longer synonymous with low prices. In this regard, the soap dispenser industry should dare to learn from the apparel industry. Many domestic apparel brands have far more value than imported brands. This is the power of the brand. Soap dispenser brand, willing to pay more effort, this is the opportunity of the soap dispenser market.

Second, the rise of the national soap dispenser brand has forced the foreign brand channel to sink.
We can find in the market that the former foreign brands have to lower their bodies to cater to the needs of Chinese consumers. The sinking of Kohler and TOTO channels is a clear example. All of this stems from the progress of the domestic soap dispenser brand, and even changes the rules of the game. For example, our well-known big-pack toilets and one-piece toilets are the original creations of the Chinese soap dispenser brand, and the soap dispenser enterprises in Chaozhou are even more Professionalization to the extreme, the division of labor production is often done by several companies, thus creating a low-cost model of Chaozhou soap dispenser, and constantly achieve innovation in soap dispenser products. In the past, the foreign soap dispenser brand received a red dot award, and the domestic soap dispenser brand is constantly refreshing its miracle. It is precisely because of the domestic efforts of the brand of soap dispensers represented by Wrigley, Jiumu, Navy, and Zunlong soap dispensers that it has created the power of sinking foreign soap dispenser brand channels and also provided consumers with greater benefits.

Third, the huge business opportunities provided by China’s rapid urbanization.
China’s urbanization rate is several times that of Western countries. After more than 30 years of hard work, China’s urbanization level has reached more than 50%, but the overall urbanization level still has a large gap with Western developed countries. And this is precisely the opportunity for the Chinese soap dispenser brand. The urbanization of China’s vast rural areas bears the brunt of the urbanization of residential houses. What they need is a cost-effective soap dispenser brand. This is the opportunity for domestic soap dispensers. Rural urbanization requires most of the products. Too high, reliable quality, good after-sales service, these elements are often the strength of the domestic soap dispenser brand. Therefore, the soap dispenser brand should seize the opportunity of urbanization and reduce the market opportunities of foreign soap dispenser brands in this range, thus establishing a good reputation and reputation.

Fourth, the rise of China’s DIY market is coming.
The reason why the US market is several times larger than the Chinese soap dispenser market is that it originates from his DIY market and is much more developed than China. The root cause is that Chinese consumers still regard soap dispenser products as a durable product rather than a consumable. . With the rise of consumption in the post-80s and post-90s groups, they have seen the soap dispenser products more as an opportunity to reflect their self-worth, and began to incorporate more personal elements into the soap dispenser decoration. This will bring more opportunities for the DIY market. At present, China’s home soap dispenser DIY market is still in its infancy, but it has already shown its vitality and vitality, which is why the fast-moving home improvement is the reason. As long as China’s DIY market reaches half of the US, the overall market size has at least doubled, and this is gradually becoming a reality due to the rise of the post-80s.

Although the Chinese soap dispenser market has been affected by the housing control measures, it has maintained a growth trend, but the domestic long-term accustomed to high growth, the slightly lower growth feels the market is affected. With the development of real estate development, whether it is the real estate or the soap dispenser industry, in the next few years, there will be a great opportunity for retaliatory growth, and all this depends on whether the soap dispenser brand can be disadvantaged. To realize the expansion of its own brand and the development of its channels, only the soap dispenser brand that finds the contrarian opportunity can gain a larger market share in the future market retaliatory growth opportunities, thus winning the leading opportunity to win.