Strategy Of Flu Prevention In Spring

Influenza is referred to as influenza, all year round, but spring is a flu-prone season. Influenza initial 2-3 days infectious the strongest, 3-4 days gradually improved, highly contagious and highly susceptible to variation, there are sudden occurrence, rapid spread, many infections and short epidemic process, such as high fever, systemic muscle soreness and mild respiratory tract infection and other symptoms, infants and the elderly prone to pneumonia. TCM calls the flu “catch the Cold”, “the disease or the Qi”. So how can we resist the flu “attack” this spring? The following life tips may be able to provide you with a reference.

The health of “living”

Purifying Indoor air is the key not to think that hiding indoors can be protected from disease, on the contrary, all kinds of epidemics in the spring, are not related to indoor air quality, such as influenza virus is particularly like the low temperature and dry environment below ° A. In the early spring of spring, people mostly want to nest indoors, open air conditioning, close the window closed, a long day, dirty indoor air will become a hotbed of virus reproduction and transmission.

Cleaning of “clothes”

Clothing cleaning can reduce the intrusion of the disease as the saying goes, “Spring cover Autumn Jelly”, warm and cold spring, clothing can not be too early to “reduce the burden”, otherwise it is very easy because of the weather changes to allow germs to take advantage of, causing a variety of respiratory diseases, especially influenza. In addition, winter and spring clothing is relatively heavy, replacement frequency is low, easy to accumulate a variety of dust and viral bacteria, raise hands between the possibility of being brought into the body to cause infection. In fact, the warm spring sunshine is a natural sterilization tool, more clothes sunbathing in the sun to eliminate the hidden dangers of germs is very helpful.

Reasonable of “food”

Eat more resistant fruits and vegetables pay attention to reasonable dietary structure and intake of enough vitamins of course is the guidelines to be followed all year round, but in the spring of high influenza, attention should be paid to more vitamin C and beta carotene. Both nutrients have the effect of improving immunity, and can be easily obtained in a variety of fruits and vegetables, spring arrival should pay attention to the appropriate intake of them.